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Say “yes” to a colorful coat in winter, like Emily Ratakovsky

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In winter, bold shades are welcome more than ever. Because in addition to updating clothes, they make us feel better. That is, they offer a funny effect in the days when cloudy weather or ongoing rain is ongoing. In this moment Emily Ratajkowski gives inspiration in one of the most optimistic and warm shades. Let’s look at it in detail below.

In one of the recent appearance, the camera noticed her. Emily Ratajkowski in New York. With black leggings, which she combined with a yellow leather coat with a belt from designer Dorothy Schumacher. She combined it with a black bag over her shoulder and a pair of boots Proenza Schouler with a print under the zebra.

Say “yes” to a colorful coat in winter, like Emily Ratakovsky

Fernando Ramales/Visualhellas.gr

Black maxi or coat of camel wool will always be in our wardrobe as timeless options. On the other hand, bright colors make the winter image more fun. They refresh the image based on classic elements, and inhale a new life into the final result.

The yellow coat chosen by Emily Ratakovsky, for example, immediately impressed. Combining it, in fact, with boots under the zebra, the outfit became even more unique. The stylistic lesson of the day is one: Say “yes” bright colors and prints.

Source: Lady Like

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