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Orestis Chalkias: 7 things you might not know about Antonis Maestro

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Orestis Chalkias, Antonis Maestro, episode after episode reveals little more than his acting talent. What do you know about the actor who entered our lives this year thanks to the small screen and the Mega frequency? It’s time to learn the basics.

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Orestes Halkia: Thessaloniki, study and descent to Athens

He may be from Messinia and was born in Athens, but considers Thessaloniki to be his homeland. He grew up in Pylaea, Thessaloniki, and immediately after leaving school, he passed the exams for the theater school of the State Theater of Northern Greece. and passed. “Work, lots of laughter, work. Years that I keep as a talisman”Orestis Halkias said in an interview about his years in drama school.

In addition, he participated in seminars by Nikolay Karpov (movement), Savvina Jannatu (vocal improvisation), Simos Kakala (acting – Mask), Emiliano Bronzino (acting – mask) and the Department of Research and Voice Processing of the KTH School of Drama. BE under the direction of Spyros Sakkas.

“Descent” to Athens has come at the suggestion of Aris Biniaris, as he said in an interview with Lifo. Since then, the Porea Theater has become his theatrical home.

Orestis Halkias: His TV debut wasn’t on Maestro

The first time we saw him on TV was not in Mega’s Maestro. It was in 2020 in the Helios ANT1 series.where he played Manos, who was introduced to us. In the series, he collaborated with Eugenia Dimitropoulou, Dora Makrigianni, George Karamichos, Antinoos Albanis and others. famous actors.

His parents are actors

Art it was probably a one-way street for Orestis Halkias, since his parents are actors and directors. Kostas Halkias and Olga Alexandropoulou. He himself acknowledged their contribution to getting him involved in the arts from a young age in his earlier interviews.

“It happened very early, really, I think, from the age of 2-3 I started to imitate, to sing. If there was an “audience”, I liked that they saw me and had fun, laughed, rejoiced. At the same time, however, this was not the only stimulus. I also had parents with whom I went to concerts or just took me to work with me”he said to Eleftheriaonline.

My parents have always served art all their lives on the part of acting, directing, scriptwriting, teaching and even visual editing of the entire carnival, with working hours that reached 20 hours a day. When I say decoration, I mean the making of costumes, chariots, and the overall aesthetic of events with over 100 people! All this over a number of years.

Generations and generations grew up and took their first steps in the Pilaia Theater Company in Thessaloniki, including myself, which actually existed thanks to my parents, Kostas Chalkias and Olga Alexandropoulos. So it was the only way for me to pass my exams at KTHBE. since there was no financial opportunity to try myself in the schools of Athens. I have never regretted it and I am proud that I graduated from this school”he explained in another interview regarding his choice to study at KTHBE.

Orestis Halkias: Hard Rock Personality

He may have been confident that he would become an actor from an early age, but Orestis Halkias could have been a rock star.

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Orestis Halkias created a rock band. Paraphernalia which operated from 2006 to 2019 in Thessaloniki. He was the voice of the band and also plays bass and guitar. The musical personality that inspires him in terms of stage presence is Freddie Mercury, as he said in an interview.

As the frontman of the band, you also see him in the series “Maestro”, since Antonis’ character loves music and has created his own band.

What would he be doing if he wasn’t an actor?

As a child, he told his parents that he could become a meteorologist. He became an actor. In an interview with Lifo, he was asked what he could do professionally if he stopped serving art. Orest Khalkiy replied that could be a programmer or video game creator and as a gamer, he believes that games often reach the level of literature.

Orestis Halkias was also blond.

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Orestius Halkii had to change his appearance for theatrical roles. Posing as Lyndon Heathcliff, in Windy Heights at the Greek Theater in 2017, Orestis Chalkias he became blondand beyond recognition.

His rumored relationship

Enough reports tell about the charming partner of Orestis Halkia, and the only photo posted with her on his personal Instagram account. This is a summertime photo of his alleged partner next to him, with Anastasis Roylos, Erietta Manouri and actor Paris Alexandropoulos also posing next to them.

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We don’t know if it’s his partner or his good friend, but the woman next to him in the photos above is also an actress and Pilates teacher, according to her personal Instagram account. Daphne Kurkzoglu. ΄’Like Orestis Chalkias, she also studied acting in Thessaloniki, at the theater department of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, and is pursuing her own path in acting.

On television, you may remember her from a series of commercials she filmed for famous baked goods.

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Orestis Halkias neither confirmed nor denied their relationship. However, he himself considers love, along with the sea and friends, the main components of joy in his life.

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