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For Orestis Chalkias, being gay in Maestro was a duty.

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So, among the main characters that deserve our respect is Orestis Chalkias, who plays the television Antonis. Antonis is the son of the family of the island’s mayor and his wife, brother Clelia, who is in love with his best friend Spyros.

So, Orestis Chalkias spoke to Theoharis Ioannidis about this role and the series in general, as he was a guest on the show. Night life from Mega. The actor spoke about his personal life.

“It all started with a like on Instagram. Beginning of history. I was with Giorgos Benos on the set of the previous series, and probably someone sly, Antinoos Albanis, sent the photo to Christophoros Papakaliatis because he knew he was looking for two boys. He liked us and we went in to see if it was really him. After some time, we were called to the casting”Orestis Chalkias said at the beginning.

Orestes Halkias: “I was not at all impressed with the gay game.»

“I was not at all impressed with the gay game. First, the gay “does not play.” Instead of kissing a woman, you are kissing a man. Others make you behave differently. I didn’t resist. I was intrigued by the game of who I am not, but I was not intrigued by the game. I am more proud when people from this community send me messages that I represent them well…

From the first second I realized that I might be playing a gay man, I had in my head that I must finally show that the homosexual “does not indulge”.. He is just a man who loves a man of his own gender. Nothing more. The “caricature” that we have learned to see is gradually disappearing.Orestis Halkias continued, talking about his gay role in the series and the importance it hides.

Orestis Halkias wonders why we’re dealing with a gay kiss when tragic things like femicide are happening.

“In Greece, same-sex kissing is still taboo. I don’t think we’ve made huge strides. But we have to start somewhere. Tragic things happen, femicides, and we’re dealing with a kiss? From the first day a child goes to school, he must learn about love, romance and sex. It cannot be demonized. We cannot deal with the rules of religion because our education is religious. Christ didn’t say to love directly, he said to love everyone. So let’s go guys. We don’t lose anything”added Orestis Halkios.


“It’s creepy when you think about it! I mean, who would have expected this. Yes, something I did not expect at all, let’s say so. I may have had a premonition that the series would be a success, but it never occurred to me that Greece would send the series to the world.

So that’s great. This is a historic moment. We are the first Greek series on Netflix, what should we do? So he needs applause normally. Christopher told us a few things about the second season, but I can’t explain why they are connected to the first season. But I don’t know if we will become a couple with Spyros, I’m telling the truth, and this is also magic.”said Orestis Chalcis afterwards.

His personal life and his personal darkness

“Several times it seemed to me that I was losing Orestes. Orestes, who was a child and made everyone laugh. When professional success defines you, and that requires some effort, you don’t have time to discover your own darkness and figure out where you’re going wrong.

I can be very closed to myself and no one can enter. My girlfriend, because she did a terrible job on herself, which I did not.. He tries to be a light to me. We have been together for 7 years. He is very happy. She also brags about me. I also really admire her. My girl from the areasaid, among other things, Orestis Chalkias.

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