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Renzo Rosso and the Pelican, the Diesel-style hotel in Miami: “Love at first sight”

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The Pelican in Miami

It was love at first sight brother Renzo Rosso and the Pelican. It was 1990 and the entrepreneur was already a coach Diesel, but «only» for 5 years, so the group and all the acquisitions and dizzying turnovers were not yet certain. “And yet I arrived you love Me and I thought it was the most beautiful and incredible place in the world: on the banks of Ocean driving there were American retirees who hibernated and fashion photos were taken on the beach: there was (and is) a beautiful light. So I said, “I want a house here.”». And he bought himself a hotel… «It was from 1948, beautiful. I went home and said I wanted it. My administrator looked at me like I was crazy. But I bought it and followed the work for two years: me and Gianni Versace, who had taken the house two blocks later. We had breakfast together and talked about the jobs».

desc img
One of the Pelican’s restored rooms and furnished with vintage pieces

From Venice to Florida: «I asked the creative team for ideas: they gave me 28. “Good” I said “let’s make 28 rooms, one different from the other”. And the Pelican was born, the world’s first Deco style boutique hotel. Charles Rossella, journalist and writer, dedicated three books to him: «You can do anything on that terrace overlooking the ocean. You would never leave,” says Rosso, who is biased, but not too much. Thirty years of honored career and then the Covid: «There were also times when I wondered who let me do this. And then the city had fallen into disrepair. I wanted to sell, but the mayor gave me guarantees; and it’s true, in the last year Miami has become Miami again. Clean and safer. So is the restructuring.” “In the same spirit as the first time – he resumes Andrew Rosso, the son, who supervised the work and who has been going there since childhood -. I went to investigate the vintage stores, there are quite a few north of town here; and to your surprise you will find perfectly preserved pieces everywhere: from the 1930s to the 1990s».

desc img
The designer furniture that Andrea Rosso found in vintage stores in Miami

Each room has a movie name, inspired by various movie sets, with original and unique vintage artifacts and furnishings inside, painstakingly restored over the past two years, making the pelican an inimitable art deco icon. Design enthusiasts will appreciate, in addition to the antiques, the combination of specially selected furniture from different decades, such as the black sofas from 1988 by Antonio Citterio in front of Moroso in the room “Lust in space», or the brand new seats Hungry And Short wave recently designed by the team diesel life in the dining room of the Pelican Café.

desc img
Rosso among his sons, Stefano (left) and Andrea who followed the restoration of the Pelican

The original rooms have now been added three others, obtained from the attic that used to belong to Renzo Rosso, the one with the terrace overlooking the breathtaking ocean. Here she is”Old Glory» made with Diesel denim, the kind of «Green boo“, until “Penthouse one” in style James Bond (hiding place when the fashion entrepreneur is in town): «Just like in my hotel in London and in the hotel I’m building in Cortina. I like the idea of ​​having a shelter that’s always ready». Inside the Pelican Café, home to one of Italy’s most renowned chefs South Beach, Wendy Cacciatori. This whole story really has a “romantic” touch to it. Far from the business or at least from the universe world of Otb, the group to which Diesel e Margiela, Marni, Viktor&Rolf and Jil Sander.

Source: Corriere

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