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Schiaparelli Couture 2023: masterful, dynamic collection and the lions that ate us

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From time to time, animal rights activists on social media have criticized the house and the reality TV star for these “unacceptable” busts (and I partly agree with them), but on the other hand, hypocrisy reached a new level. When we buy leather bags and shoes, people think where are they made? From the skin of animals. When we buy clothes from mass-produced clothing chains, these people think consequences of fast fashion to the environment; I do not support or condemn anyone. Let’s first look at what we ourselves are doing before we run off to judge someone else.

Somehow, the message that Daniel Roseberry wanted to convey for the Schiaparelli Couture 2023 spring collection was lost: women are like these lions. Symbol of dynamism. Inspired by Dante’s Divine Comedy, in this collection there were not only clothes with busts of animals. The collection was a celebration of the power of nature, beauty, and the strength of the woman who wears Schiaparelli clothes.

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In the spring of Schiaparelli Couture 2023, not only animal busts were presented

Thus, the attention to the spring collection of Schiaparelli Couture 2023 was drawn to only one thing. Many tend to just judge and see only the tree and not the forest. Those who saw the forest therefore noticed that there were amazing clothes in the collection. It was an ode to excellence and though there was something dark about it, it was as elegant as it was romantic. And that’s because you see the designer’s vision and how he changed the shape of the clothes. We saw the leather jacket as an oversized dress e-kplhktika boleros, like well-cut cropped jackets. We have seen high waisted pants have the most airy movement and go with “hard”, high corsetsothers with decorative elements and others for they look like works of art made of wood.

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We saw unique laser cut jackets paired with sexy skirts, high-shoulder, high-waisted suitsoffering a new, fresh take on the clothing line.

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Unique also did not go unnoticed night dresses, sometimes with long tails, and sometimes with transparencies and sequins of various shapes, creating the most beautiful patterns. Everything was celebration of creativity and high fashion, the purpose of which: exaggerate and not offer something ordinary.

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Thus, the inspiration for the Schiaparelli Couture 2023 spring collection, which, as I said, was Dante’s Divine Comedy, or rather, Hell – the first of the three parts of the poem (which mentions all three monsters, a lion, a wolf and a leopard).

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Was alone justified theatricality in clothes that were largely based on the poem and yet made sense. “What attracted me to Inferno was not the theatricality of Dante’s work. It was the perfect metaphor he offered for the agony that any artist or creative person experiences when we sit in front of our screens, notepad or clothes and something is bothering us but we don’t know what. Doubt of Creation and Doubt of Intentionso to speak roseberry in her notes for Schiaparelli Couture 2023 spring collection.

Maybe this one feelings of anxiety and doubt the designer felt when he saw Shalom Harlow, Naomi Campbell and Irina Shayk wearing fake animal heads on their dresses. Or it could be the stunning tailoring and dark dynamism that inspired the entire Spring Schiaparelli Couture 2023 collection. In any case, we have an obsession.

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