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International Education Day: famous teachers

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Whether they were famous first and then teachers, or were teachers before finally deciding to fulfill their dream, the people you will see in the list below were in the classes and did their best. They have found themselves in the position of teachers, people with the power and the ability to play an important role in our lives, shape our identity and push us to demand equal societies with access to education for all children and unlimited dreams. little students of the world.

Being a teacher is one of the most important and influential jobs you can take on. Some of the famous people you will see below have stayed in the profession for so long that they have appreciated that they “one of the highest paying jobs” and the one who can make you “part of the solution” to provide a better education for children, as you will see in their statements. These are famous people who were teachers. Some are good and some are bad. However, everyone tried this professional path, even if after the test (fortunately for some cases, for example, immediately after it) they changed course.

Liam Neeson

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Liam Neeson decided to follow in his sister’s footsteps and try his hand at teaching. Worked as a teacher at St. Mary College in England before the bad experience in which he abused his studentfortunately, forced him to reconsider his career plans.

“There were always problems with discipline, until the children fell silent and the lesson began. One particular child did not want to calm down, wanted to interrupt the lesson. I approached him and asked him to leave the classroom and wait outside. He immediately pointed a knife at me. My reaction was to hit him, which I shouldn’t have done.but I felt threatened”— said Liam Neeson, according to ESPN.

Sheryl Crow

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The singer graduated from the University of Missouri with a BA in Music Composition, Performance and Education. Her first job was as an elementary school music teacher in St. Louis. She spent her nights and weekends trying to launch her music career and eventually gave up her position when she was hired to sing for Michael Jackson in Los Angeles.

Sheryl Crow never forgot her love of teaching. He is a spokesperson for the Adopt A Classroom initiative.which provides funds to teachers and schools to purchase basic teaching materials.

Lin Manuel Miranda

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When he wrote his first musical, the creator of hits like Hamilton, Lin Manuel Miranda was also an assistant teacher at Hunter College High School in New York. Call this job her “one of the most profitable” which he did. He was forced to give up teaching to devote himself entirely to writing.

Patrikos Kostis

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Papadakis Press

Actor Patrikios Kostis has gone in the opposite direction of the rest of the celebrities on this list. At first he tried himself as an actor, but then he wanted to fulfill another of his childhood dreams – to become a teacher.

“When I finished school, I wanted to do 3 things. Pilot, actor and teacher. I worked as an actor for 10 years and decided to go to the public IEC as an assistant kindergarten teacher. I graduated from it, then I got a qualification and passed pedagogy. This year will I teach first grade. In this class you are the dad»reported.

Jesse Williams

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The Grey’s Anatomy actor became a teacher in Philadelphia, like his parents, right after graduating from Temple University. She taught American Studies, African Studies and English for 6 years.

I grew up in Chicago, in an underprivileged area with overcrowded schools and classrooms with students from two different grades. Then I moved to the suburbs and did well in public school. I discovered a huge gap between two of our many Americas. I had a much better education and access due to my zip code and wanted to be part of the solution so I started working as a teacher in my community after my studies,” he said to the Entity.

Keith Constantinou

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Caiti Constantinou worked as a high school teacher for several years before she began studying acting at the Arts Theatre. She herself admitted that the role of the teacher was the most difficult who she has encountered in her life.

“For me it was the most difficult role. When there are 30 children in front of you and you have to teach them. This is a very big responsibility. I don’t think I was a very good teacher.”she honestly said in an interview with Teletheatis.


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Before you get famous, Sting was a teacher at St. Catherine’s Convent School in England, where she taught English and music. He also coached the school’s football team. “One of the most important jobs on the planet is teaching children. Our whole future depends on raising children.”commented.

Billy Crystal

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“I was sitting in the office making $42.50 a day, and whenever the teacher was away, I would come and replace him. I taught everything. I stood in front of the class and told them:I don’t know anything about physics, but listen, two guys walk into a bar.“I just finished school a few years ago. I couldn’t even speak to other teachers in the singular.”comedian Billy Crystal spoke about his teaching experience in an interview with Oprah Winfrey.

Maria Cavoianni

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Maria Cavogianni worked as a teacher for 7 years. As a teacher, I was very happy with this profession and wanted to give children a lot of information.to learn a lot of things, especially about art. I was very passionate about elementary school children, where I worked for seven years.”– admitted Maria Cavoianni on the Mama-Des show.

“And of course I was a very devoted teacher because I wanted to do everything I could for the children, despite my great need to teach them mainly art. I made sure to teach many other subjects such as geography, anthropology, history, and I have many memories.”, added the actress, who later left teaching for acting. The elementary school may have lost a respected teacher, but the arts have gained a super talented actress.

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