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Do you know the difference between serum and hair oil?

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To begin with, serum and hair oil are two different hair care products. Both can be used for all hair types, targeting different needs each time. What are their differences? How are they used?

Is hair serum the same as oil?

Hair Serums:

Hair serums are essentially targeted hair care products with a high concentration of active ingredients. They have a liquid consistency and may have a lighter watery texture or a thicker (milky) texture. Like facial serums, hair serums can meet the different needs of the hair or scalp. such as intense hydration, shine, dryness of the scalp, soothing effect, contributing to the overall protection and health of the hair or scalp. Most of them do not need to be washed off, and when combined with a light scalp massage, absorption is better.

Hair oils:

On the other hand, hair oils have a thicker and more oily consistency than serums. Their formula may consist almost entirely of natural oil or a mixture of different oils. Argan oil, coconut oil, olive oil, and jojoba oil are some popular ingredients in hair oils.

Most hair oils nourish, enhance shine, reduce frizz, or repair. They can also be used to retain moisture provided by other hair care products.

As far as how you use them on your hair, the rules are pretty much the same. a few drops are enough (2-3 drops are enough) apply to wet or dry hair along the length, on the tips and scalp. It is better not to use hair oils on the roots, in order to avoid excess greasiness.

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