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5 basic tops to wear with pants

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Basic tops, i.e. Plain cut blouses, mostly made of thin fabrics such as cotton and stretch knits, are the ideal choice. Or for balance the formal character of well-tailored trousers or when you want to create layers in winter style. For example, in the first case, tops make the suit more casual than if you paired it with a shirt. In the second case, when you want to make an outfit based on layering, they are the first step.

A thin, textured top will go with sleeveless dresses, your thick warm sweater on cold days, or under vests and jackets. These tops work like a tee so you need (at least) one in your wardrobe. Of course, you will find many options.

Never think that a basic top will look boring in an outfit. Say yes to a design with bold colors (like neon yellow, hot pink) and provide a foundation for your next black t-shirt (cutouts and special textures always make for an interesting result).

Below are 5 options for what to wear with trousers. From morning till night.

5 basic tops to wear with pants

Basic Sweatshirt Style Top

Striped top with a fun and bright color combination

striped crew-neck top

Black knitted top

ribbed knit top

With cutouts

slit long-sleeved stretch top

    blouse in stretch fabric with organic cotton

Source: Lady Like

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