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Apple Martin: Gwyneth Paltrow’s daughter is making her fashion debut. “Apple” fell under the apple tree

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So, according to the legendary designer, Apple Martin will the next girl is Chanel. Although Apple Martin had all the possibilities on her side as the daughter of two famous parents (the epitome of “unbaby”), I’m sure that if Karl were alive, he would have already taken advantage of her “alien” beauty. . Now that he’s 18 though, and debuted at fashion week collections of Couture, it is possible to see her on the catwalk at home.

Apple Martin breaks into fashion

fashion journalist Derek Blasberguploaded a photo of an Apple Martin to his Instagram profile, commenting below: “Karl Lagerfeld met Apple Martin when she was 4 years old and declared that one day she would be a Chanel girlfriend. It happened today!”. Apple may not have made her catwalk debut as the daughter of two celebrities is currently busy singing, but she did make her front row debut.

Pascal Le Segretin/Getty Images/Ideal Images

So, among the “regulars” of Chanel shows in the front row of the presentation of the collection of the French label Couture Spring 2023 was Apple Martin. She sat next to fresh Gen Z faces, such as Sadie Sink from “Stranger Things” and Lucy Bolton, representing the new generation of Hollywood. This was a particularly important moment for Martin, as this is the first time we see her at a fashion show, during fashion week.

Stefan Cardinale – Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images/Ideal Images

In the classic Chanel ensemble, black and white tweed mini dress with cropped jacketin the same color and pattern, a pair of loafers and a mini flap bag, many were quick to compare Apple to her mother, Gwyneth. If you want my opinion her natural features, the perfect combination of her two parents, giving it an almost alien, unique beauty. “Apple” (Apple), thus, fell not far from the apple tree.

Pascal Le Segretin/Getty Images/Ideal Images

However, before we rush to call Apple Martin the next IT girl, given the buzzword “remembrance baby”, I wonder if the international press is trying to give us such a face?just because of her family background.

Another baby is not okay. Do we need it?

Without knowing Apple’s track record so far and without questioning (or knowing) its talents, I’m wondering this is another case of hollywood serving up a non-pocalyptic kid as the new “face”. If Apple does decide to enter the modeling business, as the legendary Karl Lagerfeld predicted, would it be right to steal the spotlight (or even the spot) from an equally talented, unconnected model trying to make it big?

Again, this is all speculation, as Apple Martin has not publicly expressed a desire to enter the fashion industry. If she decides, I think she will definitely be given more opportunities because of her name. Unfortunately, for Apple, this is not a phenomenon, but the norm. Ethical or not, everyone has their own opinion. For me, for example, this is not the case. Of course, talent always plays a role, and no one disputes the amount of hard work Nepomov children can put into their careers (see Bella Hadid). But living in a society that reinforces that culture, making way for new talent trying from scratch build a career, I think it’s unfair. In any case, Apple’s fashion debut is a fact and certainly hasn’t gone unnoticed. I think next.

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