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White tea: these aromas immerse you in that harmonious moment that a cup of tea brings.

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In addition to being the least processed of other types of tea, enjoyment of white tea – the most expensive and highest quality tea – was the exclusive privilege of the Chinese aristocracy.

And that’s not all high percentage of antioxidants or its healing and soothing propertiesthe delicate, delicate aroma of white tea and its very delicate characteristic taste exude sweetness, freshness and purity that cannot go unnoticed.

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So, if you like pure, subtle and fresh aromatic essences, below I’ve rounded up 4 white tea flavors that are inspired by the euphoric feeling you get after the first sip of tea!

Who would refuse a cup of hot fragrant white tea?

4 flavors starring white tea


Korres White Tea Eau De Toilette



Floral, Fresh, Citrus: It is a cool fragrance with notes of freshly cut flowers and bittersweet citrus fruits, accentuated by a subtle sense of precious white tea wrapped in notes of cedar and oak. In the notes of the heart, in addition to white tea, there are notes of jasmine, peonies, freesia.

Eau de toilette Elizabeth Arden White Tea White Tea


Eau de toilette Elizabeth Arden White Tea White Tea



woody, floral, musky: Inspired by the feeling of euphoria after the first sip of tea and created by Rodrigo Flores-Ru, Carolina Sabas and Guillaume Flavigny, this pure floral-woody fragrance invites you to immerse yourself in the harmonious moment of a cup of tea. The top notes of the fragrance consist of sparkling Italian mandarin, fern, sage and fresh marine notes, while the middle notes of the aromatic composition show strong white tea accords, refreshing mate and delicate essence of white iris. The blend of exotic woody notes in the base notes complement each other beautifully with ambrette (musky mallow), tonka bean and amber.

Solinotes Thé Blanc Eau de Parfum


Solinotes Thé Blanc Eau de Parfum



Sparkling white tea with a delicate scent of bergamot that will gently awaken your senses, without ingredients of animal origin. The purity and freshness of its notes, very rare in perfumery, create a floral rose accord that reveals the true aroma of the tea leaf.

    Bath & Body Works White Tea & Sage (Fragrance Mist)


Bath & Body Works White Tea & Sage (Fragrance Mist)



Essentially a light mist with notes of sparkling bergamot, white tea and fresh sage that can be worn all day long. Its bottle is made from 50% recycled plastic.

Source: Lady Like

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