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Bianca Atzei and Stefano Corti, the joke of the baby’s name: “She was about to leave me”

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Bianca Atzei and Stefano Corti recently became parents of little Noa Alexander and yesterday, January 24, Corti himself wanted to tell about the birth, showing his father’s point of view: so he recalled those moments, from the day he found out it was a parent when she met him.

Noa Alexander was highly sought after and wanted. “It didn’t arrive and we tried to do assisted fertilization. She got pregnant and then, sadly, in the third month of pregnancy, we were told there was no life left. Then we tried again and it came naturally,” said the new father. But the service broadcast on TV did not miss a joke, typical of the show “Le Iene”: Corti, however, makes Atzei believe, with a false birth certificate, that he registered the name of the baby with one letter too many. “We had established that if it had been a boy, she would have chosen the name. I loved Noah, she loved Alexander, but in the end she chose to call him Noa Alexander, but forced me to remove the last h from the name,” says Corti, who, however, makes Atzei believe with a false birth certificate that she has registered him with the aca. The fake mistake made Atzei lose her temper and threaten to leave him. But after the quarrel, peace came between the two.

Source: Corriere

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