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Antonis Schroiter on his “quick” marriage to Dimitra Eginiti. 5 more lightning-fast marriages in show business

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Speaking about his life, Antonis Schroiter also mentioned his lightning-fast marriage to Dimitra Eginitis.

Antonis Schroiter and his lightning-fast marriage to Dimitra Eginitis

The couple’s marriage lasted a total of four months, and when talking about it, the host mentioned that it was Fast track. It was four months of marriage and many years of relationship. It’s not like I woke up one morning and we did it all. I don’t know if marriage spoils relationships, but it tests them and children even more, and on the other hand, children are the essence of relationships and marriage..

“Henceforth I tried single. I tried both married and divorced. I think being married with kids is fine. Other phases I’ve tried are fine. Negligence can also be experienced in the context of marriage… I can’t say that I have more free time.”Antonis Schroiter added.

5 more lightning-fast marriages in show business

So, in connection with the recent statement by Antonis Schroiter about his short-lived first marriage, let’s recall five more lightning-fast marriages in Greek show business.

Angela Dimitriou and Georges Troupy: They were married for 22 days

The award for the fastest marriage goes to Angela Dimitriou and Giorgos Truppis, who even got married for the second time. The first, in 1985, was not very successful, as it lasted a measured 22 days. The second marriage happened after 20 years (something like Jennifer Lopez-Ben Affleck). The two of them climbed the steps of Agia Fotini in Nea Smyrni on the day of their first wedding. Probably, this choice did not bring them good luck, because six months later they divorced again.


“There was a third person. That was another reason why Angela and I broke up. It happened on my end. I regretted it and apologized for it. Angela is a very big part of my life. Although, of course, I would not have problems with her.”said the businessman on the air TVWeekEnd.

Apostolos Gletsos – Maria Eleni Likurezu: divorce after two months of marriage

The marriage of Apostolos Gletsos and Maria Eleni Lykourezos lasted only two months. Apostolos Gletsos and daughter Zoya Laskaris and Alexandros Lykourezos were married in August 1998 in Porto Rafti but divorced two months later. Apostolos Gletsos revealed on the Dot show that he had only been married for 17 days.

Anthony Schreuter


Mimi Denisis and Sotiris Polizos ended their marriage within a year

Mimi Denisis and Sotiris Polizos knew each other for about 18 years before they decided to get married in October 2008. They married in Agios Dimitrios Loumbadiaris with a small number of guests and separated in the summer of 2009.

Anthony Schreuter


“My marriage to Maria Eleni was crazy, we did it for fun. The late Zoe, Maria Eleni, we staged Alexandros in the dance. It was made for fun. It was fun – experiment. Perhaps he succeeded. But we knew, Alexander and I talked about it, that this project is difficult. We had a difference of 11 years, but a strange 11. I tell him that the project is difficult, he tells me that I know, this is an experiment. Anything you can do, if you want it, do it guys. I wanted it, but I knew it was hard to sit. It was a little girl who was listening to some music, some saws in the house. Her friends would come and have saw parties every day. Well, it was impossible. I lasted 17 days, 17 days without sleep”– said the actor.

Orestis Jovas to Caterina Florou: A Year of Marriage

“Is a reality. Our marriage fell apart for reasons that millions of couples stop being together. Because we could not find a common language. Divorce is not finalized. Minutes will be made on time. We gave him time, it did not happen suddenly. We are apart 1 .5 months”, Orestis Giovas said in an interview in November 2019. He married his partner Katerina in a civil marriage exactly one year before their separation.


“I wanted to talk to Katerina before announcing that we are breaking up. When I started the marriage, I wanted it to move on. It failed. I’m at the stage where anyone would be in my place. When that happens, it doesn’t matter who’s to blame.”— added the actor.

Eleni Menegaki and Stavros Garderis have been married for a year

Most people know about the marriage of Eleni Menegakis to Giannis Latsios. However, before that, the host had been married to Stavros Garderis for about a year. The problems that existed in their marriage led them to different life paths.

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