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Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are changing their son’s name; it will be Aire, Wolf is not working

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As early as March 2022, when their son was a few weeks old, Kylie Jenner and rapper partner Travis Scott announced that they would change their name, because Wolf did not suit him at all. And in January 2023, just before the child celebrated his first birthday (he was born on February 2, 2022), the entrepreneur with more than 380 million followers on Instagram had revealed that her second son was now called Aire, which in Hebrew means “Lion of God”.

Small detail: at birth, however, the child was duly registered as Wolf Jacques Webster (Scott’s real name is in fact Jacques Bermon Webster II), so it was necessary to go to court to change his name. And so the two did, filing the proper application so that their son can be named Aire Webster, even in the law.

According to TMZ’s website, which has been able to see the legal documents, both Jenner and the rapper have agreed on the name change and both have signed the request, which must now be accepted and approved by the court. In the newspapers, the parents explain “that they regret the initial decision to name the child Wolf Jacques Webster, because now that we have had the opportunity to spend time with him, we think the name Aire Webster is more appropriate” .

Currently divorced (apparently they broke up again over Christmas break last year), Jenner and the rapper also have another daughter, Stormi, who just turned 5 years old.

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