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3 things you didn’t know you could do with a beauty blender

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Where else in your beauty routine could you use a beauty blender? Before answering the question, check the list below!

3 things you can do with a beauty blender:

-reduce facial swelling

Changes in daily lifestyle, seasonal allergies, high-sodium diets, excessive alcohol consumption, and of course, lack of sleep are just some of the most common causes of facial puffiness. This is the best time to turn your beauty blender into a skin care tool that reduces puffiness!

Things are simple. Before using it on the skin, let the beauty blender soak up enough ice water and then put it in the freezer to freeze. They can be used both on dry skin, separately, and together with a day cream, gently massaging the face and neck. Cold reduces swelling and inflammation, tightens the skin and pores.

-To create the perfect ombre manicure

If you love nail art and beauty blender, You may have already used your favorite sponge to create a special ombre manicure.. The process is simple. Apply two drops of your favorite nail polish to one surface and mix lightly with a toothpick. Then dip the beauty blender into the mixture and apply directly to your nails, patting up and down lightly to create an ombre effect on your nails.

– Become your ally in skin care

Besides makeup, have you ever wondered how to use a beauty blender in your daily skin care routine? In this case, all you have to do is Dampen a makeup sponge and then use it to apply moisturizer or serum to your face.. This movement will help the products to be more deeply distributed and absorbed into the skin, as well as increase blood circulation in the face area. Plus: Many even claim that this way you do not lose as much food as if you smeared them with your fingers.

Source: Lady Like

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