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Naomi and Pamela Anderson walk the catwalk for the new men’s suit story

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At the Herald Plaza, the backdrop is the Atlantic Ocean of Biscayne Bay, enlivened by a play of fountains and poolside light and shade. The idea is that the models should give the impression of walking on water and actually the show turned out to be quite wet for everyone due to the wind on the jets. The first to come out is 55-year-old Pamela Anderson, a very serious version, with the new suit that today is more than an ally for «conquer power» wants to satisfy you, make you feel sensual and confident. The trousers are made of a thin, cool wool that almost looks like gauze with the jacket having a precise cut but empty in the back. Hugo Boss catapulted the world to Miami to resume the journey of renewing its flagship Boss brand (high-end, more formal than Hugo, more casual). They also parade on the catwalk Amber Valletta, Mariacarla Boscono, Korean rapper Big Matthew (born 1992), TitToker Khaby Lame, Law Roach architect stylist who parted ways with Zendaya. Looking at them, sitting in the front row: Bella Thorne Demi Lovato, Camilla Morrone, Suki Waterhouse, the artists Kano and Maluma. Latest issue for Naomi – accompanied by DJ Khaled – ordinary goddess capable of overshadowing anyone, even with a tailored black dress made hyper-feminine by the slits and the cut that makes it smooth. “A few years ago we embarked on a new journey: we want to be more modern, interpret the changes and expectations of society and reach as many consumers as possible,” he says backstage Marco Falconi «boy in jeans and t-shirt» who redesigned the men’s suit from the culture of fabrics. “The brand’s masculinity is established, in the 1990s it established itself with its solid aesthetic, of very proud men who are a little plastered. Today, the story is about changing the meaning of the formal suit to make it an expression of individuality. From a shapeless garment for the office to a garment worn for pleasure, as young people discover it for the first time and interpret it in their own way».

Naomi, Mariacarla Boscono, Pamela Anderson

“It took two years to redefine the armor jacket of the ’80s campaigns”. Today, the pinstripe in a delicate cool wool (Dinamo) has the colors of the walls of buildings faded by the sun for the large lapel cardigan also worn with Bermuda shorts and brushed sweaters. Falcioni placed on the mood board the advertisement page with which the German maison paid tribute to its suppliers who have remained the same, Bonotto, Limonta, Colombo, Agnona, Marzotto and other excellences of Italian weaving to whom we today more than ever pay tribute to the avant-garde of the tailored suit. For the spring summer 2023 collection.

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He also made the jacket for re-editing Miami Vice in the 1980s. Today it is in silk linen in earth tones with a shiny maxi lapel. The lavish coats and trench coats of the early 1990s are now available in a very soft cigar-colored nubuck or in washed silk, brown or blue tones. But the new successful outfit for Falcioni is the vest-trouser outfit. Even in the sleeveless version, the jacket renews the outfit with the skirt with the hem that always ends above the knee, worn with silk socks and shoes with square toe and heels (Made in the Marche).

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The play of light on the water

The cotton and polyamide trench coat is almost transparent, as is the nylon tie and bustier belts, which are always worn “a little loosened up like at the end of a party that lasted until dawn”. After all, we’re in Miami, where health has become the new sport that allows you to run all day long, possibly shirtless. And it is from here that the 3.7 million tailoring giant, which saw a 27 percent increase in sales in 2022, wants to conquer “an increasing number of people in the global market”. Especially young people, who aim straight for the new platforms. In the front row are the Tiktokers and youtubers of Generation Z. Nadia Kokni, head of communications, assures that it’s not just about advertising: “visibility is not enough, engagement and emotional involvement are key these days”.

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Naomi and DJ Khaled

“The world is getting casual, but it has returned to appreciate quality, done right. We are investing to revive the brand, making it young and inclusive without distinction of size or gender, as evidenced by the fashion show, and the United States is becoming the main market, as is Europe. Showing that Boss is a lifestyle brand designed to make you feel comfortable 24/7 is not only important for communication, it is the foundation for ensuring the future of the company». And also in this perspective, part of the fashion show, broadcast in streaming on TikTok, YouTube, Twitter and Linkedin, see now, buy now: “to experience instant shopping, but also as “a platform to evolve on”.

Source: Corriere

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