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Cargo pants, pants with maxi pockets become chic. This is how divas wear them

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Cargo pants are the new fashion obsession

Cargo pants are trendy, now the order of the day for every star and influencer. Who would have thought that wide trousers with mega pockets would enter the ultra-chic wardrobe of divas and fashion addicts? At the beginning of the last century no one. This garment was born in the late 1930s to be worn by soldiers, who had to put ammunition and first aid supplies in their pockets. After the war, they were thought to be forgotten, at least in terms of civilian fashion. And instead… Having also been borrowed from workwear to dress blue-collar workers, bricklayers and heavy workers (who put the various tools in those big pockets), cargo pants became an integral part of the official skater uniform in the 1980s. Over the next decade, hip-hop fashion exploded and cargo pants came to be seen as an emblem of the style associated with that genre of music. Today, these pants are trendy for everyone and in all latitudes, loved by divas and influencers of the caliber of Chiara Ferragni and Karlie Kloss (pictured, from her Instagram profile)

Source: Corriere

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