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Greek and foreign celebrities who are vegan or vegetarian.

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A vegan will not consume animal protein or animal products, a raw vegan will consume mostly raw or unprocessed plant foods, and a vegetarian will not receive animal protein but may consume some animal products such as honey, eggs, milk, or cheese. We will not only go abroad for this list, as veganism has been gaining more and more followers in Greece in recent years. They are famous Greeks and foreigners who are vegans or vegetarians.

Chris Papp

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A post published by Chrysapapa (@chrysapapa_official)

For Chris Pappa, who is starring in the mega-series Land of the Olives this year, the decision to go vegan was not difficult. As he confessed on the Eleni show: “I am vegan and very proud of it”.

Thanasis Efthymiadis

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A post shared by Thanasis Efthymiadis (@thanasis_efthymiadis)

15 years ago, when I stopped eating meat, I was a “crazy dad” and a laughing stock. who told me, “Go and eat goat meat, and this vegan only ate grass,” and everyone laughed. But when they see their favorite stars doing the same, they say to you: “Maybe our dad is not crazy, maybe he just looks a little ahead?”. With these words, Thanasis Efthymiadis described in LadyLike the reaction of his two children to the vegan diet he follows.

The actor stopped eating meat following his personal code of ethics in his diet. At some point, he wondered if he had the fortitude to kill, purify and cook what he ate with his own hands. The answer was no, which is why he has since eliminated animal protein from his diet as well.

Natalie Portman

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A post shared by Natalie Portman (@natalieportman)

At least for Natalie Portman has been a vegan for 15 years and once, long before veganism hit fashion, she started her own vegan shoe company. even if it was not a commercial success. For the only time in her life, she had to go back to a vegetarian diet and eat some animal products during her pregnancy. “I listened to my body, which wanted eggs and dairy products”, he noted. After having children, she returned to a vegan diet, followed by her family.

Richard Gere

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A post posted by Alejandra Gere (@alejandraragere)

Since the 1970s, Richard Gere has been studying Buddhism and living in accordance with its principles. This means that Richard Gere meditates every day, while his diet is strictly vegetarian. However, he believes that everyone should do what they like in life.

“None of us will escape death, so please stop putting yourself second. Eat delicious food. Walk in the sun. Dive into the ocean. Speak the truth that you hold as a hidden talisman in your heart. Be funny. Be good. Be weird. There is no time for anything else.”he said.

Tonia Sotiropoulou – Kostis Maraveyas

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A post published by toniasotiropoulou (@toniasotiropoulou)

He shared a story about how he became a vegan on the show. Guide to the good lifeTonia Sotiropoulou also reveals the role of her husband Kostis Maraveya in it.

The actress told how as a child she lived in a house in which there were many pets. Among them, the actress always singled out her chicken, which she named Diana. As soon as he realized that the oven-baked chicken and potatoes were made by a chicken like Diana, he stopped eating them. She continued to eat fish before and after several months of relationship with Kostis Maravejas, who is a strict vegan and introduced her to this new lifestyle and diet.

I used to eat fish, but for the last 1.5 years, because my partner is a vegan, we also gave up fish. I have no problem with what others eat around me, and extremes bother me too. this is my personal choice and I consider it my duty to do everything possible to reduce my footprint.”he said.

Venus Williams

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A post shared by Venus Williams (@venuswilliams)

In an interview with Health.com, the tennis player revealed that she follows a raw vegan diet because of the diet’s benefits for Sjögren’s syndrome, which she has been diagnosed with since 2011. It is an autoimmune disease that causes dry eyes, dry mouth, joint pain and fatigue.

“I started for health reasons. I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and wanted to keep my athletic performance. When I started, I fell in love with the idea of ​​fueling my body in the best possible way. Not only does it help me on the pitch, but I feel like I’m doing my best for myself.” He said.

Tanya Tripi

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A post shared by Tanya Tripi (@tania_tripi_official)

Tanya Tripi has been vegan almost “always”, even if she didn’t know the term vegan. “It’s what we call ‘almost forever’, just consciously for the last time — by consciously I mean: don’t cook for others too, right? that’s what I mean consciously – the last 5″— the actress said about her veganism in an interview on vegantimes.gr.

I didn’t even know that word, to be honest. I abstained, not knowing what, how, where. Quite by accident, when I started to get a little tech-savvy, because I wasn’t too tech-savvy either, I got a cell phone with Internet access and all that, a video fell in front of me and then I started looking for it. To search and view: Oh let me see what’s wrong with me, why do I feel different? Why do I want to do something other than what is happening around me? That’s how it started. That’s why I say the last 5 years. Because earlier yes, but. There was a minimum consumption of dairy products, I cooked everything else for others, but I myself could not eat. It was like that after the click.” the actress concluded, among other things.

Matilda Magira

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Post shared by @matthildimaggira

Matildi Majira has been a vegetarian since 2011. She spoke about how she made this decision in an interview with thefoodies.gr.

“I decided and started it from January 2011. It was then that I decided that I wanted to switch to this way of eating. But since 2006 I went to a center to learn how to meditate, Brahma Kumaris, which I don’t know if it still exists, and that was the center where you learned to meditate, raja yoga where yoga means union and raja means kingdom . The man who founded it in Greece was an Australian and passed away. I went to a place where everyone was vegetarian and I was told that they believe that when you kill an animal, it feels fear, horror, and that you eat that feeling.

I thought about it and it made sense, but I didn’t do it right away because I wasn’t ready for that step, because finally when we’re ready, it’s effortless and happens by itself. So, in January 2011 I decided to delve into the process itself because apparently I wanted all this to mature in my head. So I got involved in this process, I started reading about the Pythagorean diet and the Pythagoreans, who completely inspired me, and that’s how I started vegetarianism.— explained the actress.

James Cameron

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A post posted by James Cameron (@jamescameronofficial)

The director switched to a vegetarian diet in 2012. He prefers the (autosuggested) term “thinking about the future” instead of a vegan one, as he believes a vegan diet is the one we will all adopt in the future.

Ariana Grande

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A post shared by Ariana Grande (@arianagrande)

Through a Twitter post in 2013, Ariana Grande announced that she was a vegan. In 2019, her brother also followed in her nutritional footsteps. The singer is an animal rights activistadopted many animals, including 10 dogs rescued from abuse, abandonment or neglect and opened her own Orange Twins Animal Shelter in Los Angeles.

Erietta Kurculos Latsis

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A post posted by Erietta Kurkulu (@eriettakourkouloulatsi)

Erietta Kurculos Latsis, who followed a vegan diet during her pregnancy, also founded her own organization to protect stray dogs. her husband Byron Vasiliadis and their son Nikos also follow a vegan diet.

The couple had a vegan wedding that followed their principles and values ​​on their guests’ menu as well. “Our wedding was the first vegan wedding I attended and since then I have had the pleasure of being invited to two more. A wedding is a great opportunity to make a mark in the eyes of those present and prove that we can make a difference without sacrificing the quality of our time or the delicious food we share with our guests.

It is also true that on the day we celebrate love, death, fear and cruelty have no place at our tables.»he said.

Ellie Goulding

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Post by elliegoulding (@elliegoulding)

Singer Ellie Goulding follows a vegetarian diet. She became a vegetarian from adolescence and after 6 years of being a vegan. in 2018, he tried to go vegan. Her pregnancy was kind of a break in her vegan diet because all of a sudden she felt like all she needed was sugar and fat, she said.

Nikos Mucinas

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A post published by Nikos Moutsinas (@nikosmoutsinas)

In 2019, Nikos Mucinas revealed in an interview that he had switched to a vegan diet. “I gave up meat. For two months now I have given up meat, I am a vegan. I’m tired of meat. I said let’s look at it a little differently.”among other things, Nikos Mucinas mentioned. “I told you to listen to your body, which said it didn’t want more meat, and now I’m wasting my life on carbs.” add.

Source: Lady Like

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