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Stefanos Tsitsipas: Breakup with Theodora Petalas and his ambiguous tweet

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“Distance, Stefanos’ numerous trips around the world. Over time, it all became more difficult.” Nikos Georgiadis explained why Stefanos Tsitsipas and Theodora Petalas decided to separate in life.

Stefanos Tsitsipas, who is now ranked 3rd in the world tennis rankings, traveled to Greece with his former partner Theodora Petalas. summer 2020so they were immortalized together in the Cyclades.

“We have known each other for three years through family friends. We first met in New York and I really liked her as a girl. But then I was shy and did not express my feelings”– Stefanos Tsitsipas said about her in March 2021 in an interview with DownTown magazine.

“But two years ago, back in New York, I asked her out on a date to go to Brooklyn for photos. I think she liked this idea. I took some photos that are still my favorites to this day. He is a person who has been very supportive of me. she put me in a serious position and I have a lot of feelings for her»added the tennis player about his former partner.

Smart, of course, and beauty plays an important role, being able to understand and understand your partner. Why The life of a tennis player is not very easy. You have a lot of travel to do and you have to stay focused on your goal and not many women realize this. and they can take itStefanos Tsitsipas told Giorgos Liagas about the ideal partner to be by his side. Theodora’s patience, as you understand, snapped. for this difficult life.

After all, the whole description of the “ideal partner” signaled just that: as long as you have patience, something is possible, because a tennis player with a difficult life “must stay focused” on the goal, not on the relationship.

Stefanos Tsitsipas, for his part, neither confirmed nor denied the information about his breakup. However, with a recent tweet, he enriched the above definition of an ideal partner, which he made in his previous interview on the morning show.

Finding someone who understands and embraces your quirks is truly magical.», — wrote the tennis player on March 19, 2023. Now he’s either met someone who’s embraced his quirks, or he’s just providing new information about his ideal next partner. Time will show.

Source: Lady Like

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