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Mara Darmusli: First claims of fire at her husband’s restaurant

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The fire, which first started in a store located on the ground floor, spread to the floors of an apartment building, endangering people’s lives. Five people released through the stairs. Among them there is one burn injury who was rescued by a fire hydrant and taken to Evangelismos Hospital, and mother With baby her, who were transferred to the Children’s Hospital for preventive purposes. Restaurant part of which belongs to the husband of Mara Darmuslis, Vasilis Tsatsakis, was completely destroyed.

We found out at 07:00 because at that time I accidentally woke up to breastfeed”

The actress made her own statements about the incident on the show Breakfast and journalist Thanos Vagios.

“From the bulletins, I was informed that I was not at the scene. Vasilis, that is, my husband, went to find out the authorities. It happened at 04:30-05:00, and we found out at 07:00, because at that time I happened to wake up to breastfeed. I’m more looking to see if everything is okay with them, if there are any injuries, no one was hurt.”Mara Darmusli said at the beginning.

“There are cameras. Now what is left of the cameras, what was recorded, I don’t know exactly how the circuit worked and what file was left, because they were live cameras. The store was completely burned down.. It was a big investmentsince then I am also a mother, I learned that people were burned»he added, speaking of the scale of the disaster.

Mara Darmusli: “The baby went to Pedon, that’s where I thought the most”

“The baby went to Pedon, that’s the place I thought about the most. No one was hurt because I also saw photos with smoke until it became visible. The fire was terrible, that is scary! I am interested in the welfare of the people”Mara Darmusli added, noting that human lives are more important at the moment.

A restaurant employee who was there when the fire broke out stated that it was arson and a resident of the area claims that unknown people threw gas cartridges at the store.

I don’t know anything about terrorist attacks, there were no threats to me, and our family does not hate each other. We didn’t have such problems. Let’s be good. I care about people being happy and from there come powers and powers that they will take over and look and see what happens»— concluded the actress.

“I was sitting in my room and suddenly I heard small shots”

This was told by a local resident, who understood what happened. Mega and reported hearing gunshots. When he went downstairs to see what was going on, he saw a fire that began to spread through the apartment building where the store is located.

“I was sitting in my room and suddenly I heard small shots, but it was like hearing a garbage truck that comes every morning. At some point, we heard the fire brigade and realized that something had happened.”he described.

“I went downstairs, the store burned down, the whole apartment building upstairs caught fire. What I learned and heard is that at that time there were some people in the store who were working, cleaning and some people were passing by, they shot at the windows and threw canisters. It was about 2 or 3 people who threw gas canisters from what I’ve heard”added a resident.

Among other things, he described how it was like an explosion that was heardIt was about 4 o’clock. An apartment building with four or five floors. The tenant of the apartment building went downstairs while her husband stayed upstairs. Then I saw how an ambulance was carrying a man in a semi-conscious state, I don’t know if he was alive. The lady rushed downstairs without a mobile phone and said: “What should I do, what should I do, my husband is upstairs.”

The Fraud Office is investigating.

Source: Lady Like

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