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Prince William dines in Warsaw at the LGBTQ+ bistro with a 7 euro sandwich

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The official state obligations for the eldest son of Charles III, heir to the British throne and now Prince of Wales, are increasing. This after the death of her grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, who disappeared in September 2022. These commitments include the trip to Poland where Kate Middleton’s wife was seen in Warsaw on Wednesday, March 22, 2023. Official trip during scheduled meetings with the Armed Forces President Andrzej Duda. Nevertheless, time has also been found to relax. So for his first evening in Poland, Princess Diana’s son enjoyed a cozy moment at Butero Bistrot LGBTQ+ restaurant in Varsavi. Brilliant everyone present in the restaurant.

One of the Polish media reports

“Warsaw can surprise. Today I had dinner with the Prince,” joked a Butero customer who was in the room, sharing the photos of the heir that were later reported by the “Daily Mail.” Many other photos were subsequently posted on social media by Polish media. The photos show Prince William in a relaxed mood, sitting next to his entourage at Kensington Palace. The menu ? A sandwich with pulled pork and fries for about 7 euros.

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Post from @magazynreplika

“The Kensington Palace team booked a local restaurant close to where they were working. The prince has decided to join the group,” a source told the British tabloid. “A fantastic evening in every way. The team very much appreciated the request of the heir to the throne to join them.”

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The post of the Bistrot Butero

Speaking to Mail Online, Butero Bistrot’s owner said: “We had absolutely no idea it was coming. We made a reservation for a table for 12 under the name of Daisy. It was supposed to be Daisy’s birthday party. But then a bodyguard appeared and said this wasn’t going to be Daisy’s birthday party. Then Prince William came in.”

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Post by @misskordus a customer of the restaurant

Source: Corriere

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