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George Benos: The closed society he grew up in and the bullying he was ashamed to admit

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OUR George Benosso TV presenter Maestro Spyros was interviewed on the show Night life with Theoharis Ioannidis, which was previously done by his colleague. Among other things, he mentioned his history in the closed society in which he grew up.

George Benos and the small community he grew up in

“He had a lot of good things, but also a lot of bad things. Good thing I grew up in the neighborhood and played outside with my friends. The downsides are that you grow up in a society where people can easily say something about you, you will be judged, and there is what people will say about you. This makes me furious. I’ve heard a lot about it and always disagreed.”said Giorgos Benos at the beginning.

“What does it matter to the other person what I do, what I say, how I dress and who I hang out with? In high school, let’s say because I hung out with girls a lot and less with boys, that was often the reason I got the finger pointed at me. Why does he hang out with girls? He is a gay? It’s not about whether you exist or not, but why the other person starts the process of judging you based on something.»Giorgos Benos added, speaking of the criticism he received as a teenager.

The bullying he received

“They learned that in order to be part of society, a boy must associate with boys and a girl with girls. I had a very hard time around 15. It gave me completion and made me take some intimidation. I had papers in my textbooks that after the end of the lesson I … Menacingly. Now I’m over it, but I haven’t forgotten about it”— added Giorgos Benos, talking about bullying him.

“I made the mistake of not trusting one of my… I spent a lot of time not talking about it. I was scared and ashamed to tell my family. This was definitely a mistake. The reason I experienced this is because I told my older sister and she said don’t be ashamed of anything. It’s not bad to tell mom and dad, since they are next to us. From there, I got a lot better at doing things.”– the actor admitted later.

Thank you for your role in Maestro

“I feel happy and grateful that this text was written by Christoforos Papakaliatis. As for the role, I can only be proud. I wish some things only existed in fiction. I was not happy to receive messages from children who may have been in similar situations and are ashamed of who they are. I have received many such messages”the actor mentioned among other things the importance of his role in Maestro.

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