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Jennifer Lopez fitness ambassador: “Wake up at 5 a.m. for a perfect mind and body”

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His psychophysical rebirth started after a panic attack caused by fatigue and stress. He slept very little then and spent the rest of the time in the studio and on set, because even though he was not yet thirty, Jennifer Lopez was already a star. «One day, sitting in a caravan, I collapsed and after consulting a doctor I realized how serious the consequences could beif I continued to ignore what my body and mind need to be healthy,” the 53-year-old artist said in an interview with Us Weekly to promote the “Choose More” campaign for fitness and wellness.

Jennifer Lopez at the 2020 Pepsi Super Bowl LIV Halftime Show

Now Ben Affleck’s wife wakes up when it’s still dark outside and, regardless of the day’s commitments, heads to the gym to work up a sweat. “It’s no secret that exercise is a big part of my life and that’s why the first thing I do in the morning is get moving. I often even get up before five and work out to make good choices and balance my time,” JLo admitted, explaining that she follows a varied fitness program to always stay motivated.

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Venice, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez on the red carpet of the 2022 Film Festival

“I’m not afraid to challenge myself and push myself further. I think there is a positive correlation between exercise and mental health and when you find a good balance through determination and focus, it’s natural to push yourself to become the best version of yourself». Mother of twins Max and Emme, with ex-husband number three, Marc Anthony, who are now 15 years oldLopez is currently working on the release of the new album «This Is Me…Now», scheduled for summer 2023.

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