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Kendall Jenner in a black ensemble – modern Audrey Hepburn

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This scene may be one of the iconic moments linking cinema to fashion. The image of the born elegant Audrey in this outfit will always remind us of the timelessness of the black dress. Such a timeless look with an elegant yet timeless ensemble was offered to us by Kendall Jenner. Presenting us with a modern take on this iconic ensemble, Kendall Jenner rocked a look that was epitome of elegance. From the outfit to the style, her look reminded us of Audrey Hepburn and how she would dress if she lived today.

Casually chic black ensemble Kendall Jenner

In an Instagram post, Kendall Jenner shared some moments from City of Light with her followers. The model was in Paris and for one of her appearances she chose one black set. In the photos she uploaded to her profile, we can see her take on how to create a laid-back chic ensemble by wearing only black.

Check out this post on Instagram.

This post was posted by Kendall (@kendalljenner)

Maintaining a minimalist outfit (her looks are often characterized by minimal elements), Kendall Jenner wore two piece ensemble which consisted of a black crew-neck top that she wore over a high-waisted midi pencil skirt. Accompany the image black square toe heels and kitten heels (low heel). In terms of style, the model remained true minimal aesthetics ensemble, emphasizing it with the right accessories. So complete the look with one black handkerchief which he wrapped around his head and with a pair of black sunglasses in the form of a parallelogram.

Unless Jenner with such a look offered her alternative to the classic black dress, with the accessories he chose to accompany, he achieved the following: on the one hand, the scarf is a clear reference – and something of an ode – to Hepburn’s iconic look. On the other side, black sunglasses, with the most modern design, made the look more modern. That is, if she had chosen a different style for her ensemble, such as more jewelry or cat-eye sunglasses, instead of the parallelograms, the look would have been more retro and in a different style.

She the power of style and Kendall Jenner’s minimal take on her black ensemble definitely inspires us.

Source: Lady Like

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