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How to plump lips with lip liner, according to celebrity makeup artist Mary Phillips

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In her first video, which has nearly 5 million views so far, she decided to show step by step how she creates a radiant base for her natural makeup, revealing her #underpainting technique. This time, the favorite celebrity makeup artist Hailey Bieber and Kendall Jenner, she shows step by step how to line her lips with a pencil to make them look more “plump” and fleshy.

Check out this post on Instagram.

This post was posted by Mary Phillips (@maryphillips)

“The lip liner technique I prefer to follow,” she characteristically wrote under her Tik Tok post, explaining and simultaneously showing in the video all the details and movements she follows. Click the play button on the video below!

Check out the Mary Phillips lip liner trick for fuller lips.

@makeupbymaryphillips is my favorite lip liner technique! everyone has different preferences and that’s ok ???? let me know if you have any questions! #liplinertutorial #overlininglips #liplinerhack #makeupartist #maryphillipstechnique #oscars2023 ♬ Lo-Fi Hip Hop – NAO-K

I like to start (outline) the corners of the lips, just beyond their natural contour.she says characteristically, and continues to trace the center of her lower lip. He pays special attention to the center of her lips (cupid’s bow), where he repeats the natural contour of the upper lip, lifting it “a little higher”. She then lightly fills in the lips and blends with a soft brush, “erasing” and softening any “hard” contour lines.

Last but not least, before applying the final touch of lip gloss, she brushes up on the amount of concealer with which she cleans the edges of her lipsmaking them even more perfect.

Source: Lady Like

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