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An O is stolen from the Hollywood sign in the Oliver Peoples commercial celebrating its 100-year history

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A monumental sign with its nine letters. A symbol. Decades and decades of dreams, successes and actors who have become world stars. The Hollywood sign. This summer he changes his “look” and deletes his letter “o”. At least virtually. The style game is linked to the launch of the new summer 2023 campaign of the Oliver Peoples eyewear and sun lines. An idea born of the strong bond between the Luxottica group brand and the Californian city, as well as the mecca of world cinema. Not only. The Hollywood sign turns exactly 100 years old: originally installed in 1923 and then restored in 1978, it has become the emblem of Los Angeles’ film industry and culture.

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Clearly in pure cinematic style, the campaign sees the three protagonists get an “o” out of the writing. All this happens during the so-called “magic hour”, that is, that time of day when Los Angeles shimmers like gold in the rays of the setting sun. The trio of fascinating characters escape on foot with the “o” removed from the writing aboard a vintage Mercedes Benz. They travel along the legendary Sunset Boulevard until they reach their destination. A spectacular villa with swimming pool, the stage for a fantastic party. Here the “o” floats next to whoever stole it as the partygoers relax on their life jackets, soaked in water but clothed. The models presented by the campaign live in a retro aesthetic played on the style between the late 1960s and early 1990s; particular attention to the made in Japan acetates that characterized the brand’s first production.

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The brand’s Hollywood inspiration is immediately felt in the collection, starting with the details that recall the iconography of the place, such as the metal core that evokes the architecture and design of the city. All this is told through the camera of Briton Tom Craig. The photographer was inspired by a series of famous films and images. Create as a “collision” between sophisticated design, pop-art atmospheres and film set.

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Among the models intertwined with this tour d’esprit vintage-inspired Rorke and square cut, but also Davri, sunglasses with a modern cut and shallow lenses. Or OP-13 reissue of a 1990s model from the archive. Hollywood not only gave birth to Oliver Peoples, but is also part of his identity. Over the decades, the brand has been inspired by Hollywood culture and his glasses are a constant presence on the faces of Hollywood stars, whether on set, backstage or on the red carpet.

Source: Corriere

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