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Metallic lips: how to adopt the trend this spring

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metallic lips this is definitely an unexpected and special spring trend. It may look edgy and bold, but it’s still a fun option to give your lips the lead. They exude a glamorous 80s aesthetic while the use of color is achieved through bold and vibrant colors. If you want to give it a try, here are some runway ideas.

Metallic lips: how to adopt the trend this spring

Holographic lips in the Botter Spring 2023 collection

beauty looks which we saw in the Botter Spring 2023 collection introduced a holographic version of the metallic lips. On the lips, a nude brown lipstick was used as a base, combined with a blue shimmer with a mermaid effect.

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Monochrome Makeup at Robert Wun Spring Haute Couture 2023 Collection

If you’re looking for something bold and you like monochromatic colors between clothes and makeup, inspiration comes from her. Spring Haute Couture 2023 Robert Wang collection. A metallic blue tint was applied to the lips and combined with sparkles on the cheekbones.

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Metallic lips with a dark gothic aesthetic in Fiftymade’s spring 2023 collection.

dark gothic beauty was captured in the Spring/Summer 2023 collections with a sharp, graphic eyeliner with sharp angles and thick lines covering the lid. Another version was metallic lips in Fiftymade beauty looks. The black lipstick has been redefined with glitter, giving the final result a different vibe. While it paired with bleached brows, we have to say how well it would pair with the dark eyeliner we saw in the Rodarte Fall 2023 collection.

Or with the atmosphere of the 80s

If you like bright colors, there is also a hot pink version of the metallic lips. A little sparkle on the eyes is a must.

Metal punk on Tom Brown

Tom Brown’s beauty was an ode to punk. In this collection, the metallic lips were captured in even more intense colors such as light purple and green, and the standout detail was that a different hue was used on the border. The end result was definitely a stark exaggeration, but you don’t have to take it for what it is. You can keep inspired and try the trend while leaving your eyes almost bare.

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Frosty lips at Ujoh Spring 2023 collection

The beautiful exterior of the Ujoh house showed how to take the trend in its minimalist version. As in the Tom Brown collection, a different contour is used on the lips. A golden pink tint on the lips and a hot pink line on the half border.

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