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Antinus Albanis: he turned 40 and signs “your very dad” nude photo

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Antinus Albanis, although as he stated at the beginning of his post, he doesn’t particularly enjoy celebrating his birthday, this year he wanted to share his excitement about being still here, like a real cancer survivor and reach out to his online friends to thank them for their real presence in his virtual social media life.

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“I’m not crazy about birthdays, but this year I want to sing at the top of my voice”originally written by Antinoos Albanis and continued with lyrics from an Elton John song, i’m still standing. “I’m still standing, better than ever. I look like a real survivor and feel like a little kid”– says the text.

“Thank you for following me, reading me, putting up with me, disagreeing with me, and forgiving me. See you at 50 in the metaverse.” added Antinoos Albanis and signed as “your very dad”, using the designation “dad”, which refers to social media culture, for zen premiers who have grown up and remain charming.

Thus, Antinus Albanis has completed his brief account of his 40 years of life, the years during which he had to fight hard for his life, a journey that he did not hide from his online friends.

“And when I had cancer, I tried to find people and role models. Let’s see who went through it, who went further. I gained strength, it’s nice to get strength from other people. I feel like we’re in a period of extraversion. We have to share things.”, Antinoos Albanis once spoke on ERT’s Kypseli about his decision to go public about his adventure with cancer. Somehow he himself became a role model for others.

“I am glad that you tell me that I am an example. But in fact, every time I hear that I am leading by example, I take on what is bothering me. I have a principle never to forbid a journalist to ask me a question, and no matter how much I struggle and feel sad because I come into contact with memories of that period that are not at all pleasant, when i get even one message at the end of the day you say it’s worth it“, he pointed to the same show. The effort is always worth it. And life always deserves a small or big holiday.

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