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Giorgia Soleri complains about plane tickets. And the haters: “Come and shovel the mud”

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After the imprudent social outing during the holidays in Ibiza and resting as a “political act”, Giorgia Soleri once again misses the times and publishes a post complaining about buying plane tickets to throw away and booking the wrong restaurant, which caused the reaction of haters’ people. «The face of a person who bought two non-refundable plane tickets today by exchanging the airport with the airport of arrival and vice versa and then managed to book dinner at a restaurant of the same name 650 km away. Are you okay?» writes the girlfriend of Damiano David van de Maneskin, with a few photos of her with a frown on her face.

«If you want, I’ll show you my face after I’ve shoveled mud, washed it and made the world all mud and water for my country… will you???», replies a girl from Romagna, on closely followed by many other comments similar. “The face of a person who has nothing to learn because he exploits and wallows in the capitalist system,” another user notes. «Ah the great problems of life… And I’m banging myself for a $400 electricity bill», a third points out. “You can ask for temporary insanity in my opinion,” suggests one follower, responding directly to the insults. Fortunately for the influencer, however, there are also those who defend it.

“Why be so jealous and mean? What is your problem? She made a mistake on the booking and talked about her friend’s money… get a job and stop counting other people’s money,” one user wrote, while singer Elisa sent her a laughing emoji. For now, Soleri hasn’t replied yet and it’s likely she won’t.

Source: Corriere

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