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DIY: an inexpensive way to make eyelashes thicker and stronger

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So if you’re looking for an inexpensive, all-natural way to nourish and nourish your lashes while stimulating healthy growth, look no further. look in your kitchen cabinetto make sure you have one of the following oils.

While not all of the scientific evidence or research exists, their use in women’s beauty treatments for thousands of years has shown promising results.

4 natural oils that moisturize eyelashes

Olive oil: Olive oil is known to help with, among other things, our beauty routine – J. Lo swears by it – and healthy eyelash growth. Rich in vitamins and fatty acids, olive oil helps maintain hydration and promotes healthy growth.

Castor oil: While there is no scientific evidence that castor oil promotes hair and eyelash growth, the antioxidants it contains may protect your eyelashes by trapping free radicals.

Vitamin E oil: The antioxidant found in castor oil, vitamin E in its purest form can provide the same benefits of moisturizing and reducing damage.

Coconut oil: In addition to the skin used to treat dry skin, coconut oil moisturizes eyelashes, keeping them healthy and preventing breakage.

How do you use them?

If you want to systematically try the above oils on your lashes, all you need to do is take a few clean mascara tubes and brushes and, after filling them with the oil you want, gently apply to your lashes as you would with mascara. .

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