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Vasia Costaras: two spectacular appearances at Cannes and the changes we’re making

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So, Vasya Kostara was one of the Greek celebrities who visited the south of France on the occasion of the film festival. She herself appeared at two official events in which she performed two impressive performances. While we have some minor objections, we can’t deny that Vasya Kostaras impressed with his good looks. Let’s look at them in detail.

Vasya Kostara and her sexy black dress with cutouts

For the Kilian Paris corporate party, Vasya Kostaras bet on understated elegance black dress. Both of the dresses she has worn are from her eponymous brand from a limited collection of clothes she has.

The dress was not your classic black. His design was enough sexualwith front V-neck which covered the chest and ended with long sleeves. The sleeves had two 3D flower applique in black on the shoulders, as well as one at the end of the V, which ended the top of the dress. The dress ended with a slightly flared skirt. Open back which made it even sexier. For styling, Vasya Kostara chose a metallic-colored clutch and a pair of black hoops, which were lost under lush hair.

Check out this post on Instagram.

The post was shared by Vasya Kostara (@vassia_kostara)

Visually, the dress is very impressive. But looking closer, you can see that there are some “off” elements. For example, I think she didn’t take advantage of the plunging neckline of the dress, right? I think more embellishments were needed to make it more refined. In my opinion, a long necklace would fit perfectly.

Check out this post on Instagram.

The post was shared by Vasya Kostara (@vassia_kostara)

Besides, there was something about the fit of the dress that my obsessive nature couldn’t help but notice. I think it’s because of the stretch fabric. The dress “loses” its luxurious mood due to the thin and tight fabric. More stable fabric I think it would show better. However, let’s not laugh, even so the designer was a doll.

Richard Quinn floral dress

It is naive to think that the creators of clothes are not inspired by other designers, and Vasya Kostara is no exception. This is completely normal, and the designer seems to have “brought in” the English designer’s maximalist style in her latest collection. Richard Quinn in some of her creations.

Check out this post on Instagram.

This post was posted by Richard Quinn (@richardquinn)

Inspired by Quinn’s floral dresses, Costara gave her female turn in some of her clothes and she did it successfully. It was this dress that she chose for her second look at Cannes, making a spectacular look. floral dress in fiery red. The dress had a design similar to black, creating a V-shaped design on the front that also ended in long sleeves and had an open back.

Check out this post on Instagram.

The post was shared by Vasya Kostara (@vassia_kostara)

The difference of this dress – and the most impressive part of her appearance – was cape/tail that accompanied the dress. This extra fabric also served as a turtleneck over which she wore black floral print choker. Personally, I would not change anything in her appearance, except for her hair. I think a high bun would suit her very well here, especially with a neckline that would better accentuate her look.

Source: Lady Like

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