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Despina Vandi photographs Vassilis Bispikis on the beach. Clearly this is what he wants.

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Despina Vandi and Vassilis Bispikis they live their absolute love and do not hide it. They rejoice in this as an unprecedented gift and on every occasion, completely uncaring about the comments they receive from time to time and about public manifestations of love between them, they express it as they want. After all, photos shared on social media from time to time are a way to express love. It is the same way of expressing love that Despina Vandi and I and you and perhaps all of us will use in our time.

Despina Vandi was found with Vasilis Bispikis on the beach. She stood beside him as he lay on the sand. She took a picture of him and shared the cute snap on Instagram with one word. “This…”– said Despina Vandi in the photo of Vasilisa Bisbikis.

Miss Vandi Vassilis Bispikis


J2US singer and judge, definitely found “what she wants”, which was once sung by her colleague Kaiti Garbi. And he has no problem sharing it with the whole (online) world.

I wasn’t looking for love, it just happened. And in our life nothing happens by chance. It happens because something is not right at all, probably it happens to you too”Despina Vandi spoke about her relationship with Vasilis Bisbikis in the TV series It can’t get any better.

“I am a happy person. I don’t care at all what opinion everyone may have. I do not sleep at night with all opinions, I sleep in an embrace, I have a person with whom I feel harmony, lust, joy, feeling like a child, a woman, so many things. This is my port, this is my joy”, added Despina Vandi.

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Speaking about the conditions that “catch” people in a certain way of life and in a certain choice, the singer noted: “We are trapped because that is how we were raised. There is a certain moment when you will study, give birth to children. Who told you that a 50-year-old woman, if she wants to have a child, can’t? She can become a mother if she wants to. When you really look at what makes you happy, there is no age limit for it.“.

“When something fills you up, you become better and perform better in your environment, you become a better mother. What children want is to have happy parents. What excites me is that our children are healthy, and as long as they are healthy, we are also very happy.”added Despina Vandi.

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