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Sotiris Kontizas: Rare appearance with wife and daughter

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So Sotiris Kontizas prefers he hides his personal life from prying eyes and systematically proves it. However, this systematic was “interrupted” when the magazine’s photo lens Fine! noticed the cook with his wife Despina in their rare family outing in the center of Athens.

Sotiris Kontizas in a rare family look with his wife Despina

In the photo below, if you look at the bottom of the first page, you will see a 40 year old judge Chef with his wife and their first child, 7-year-old Arianna Chihiro. The click was captured on a pedestrian street in Bucharest and by clicking here you will see the closest version of the photo.

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Love at first sight

As he said in an interview Peoplethe two met in a restaurant in Athens where she worked. The second time she went to a restaurant, he gave her his phone number. As stated in the same interview It was love at first sight.

In a relatively short period of time, he realized that he would create a family with Despina. After one trip I figured it out – as did she, judging by what she told me after our conversation. My partner and I were together for a very short time and we decided to travel to Vietnam for two weeks where we had a great time”Sotiris Kontizas said.

“We only booked a place to stay for the first two nights, and for the next two weeks we planned the schedule day by day. When you feel good with another person in such conditions, you understand that you are moving on the same wavelength.” added the chef.

The two had three children. In addition to Izumi, who was born very recently (in 2020), they have Arianna-Chihiro and Kenji. In past statements, the chef has ruled out the possibility of a fourth child. “No guys we won’t have a fourth child because we don’t fit in anywhere. We’re already at the limit.”Sotiris Kontizas told the TV cameras.

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