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Vicky Kaya: Her blonde daughter has a birthday and she’s celebrating it

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“Happy 8th birthday to our beautiful Bianca. I’m so lucky to be your mom,” Vicki Kaya wrote on Instagram, posting a photo album. starring her blonde and tall daughter.

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Bianca Crassa is the eldest daughter of Vika Kaya and Ilias Crassa, who had a son Karolos Ilias a few years later. Vika’s husband Kaya also has two more children from a previous marriage and together they have created a loving extended family.

“We just loved it”Vicky Kaya told People magazine. for the name she and her husband chose for their daughter. The name Bianca is definitely unusual.

“At first I thought about different French names like Emmanuelle or Karine. I find French names very sensual and impressive at the same time, but Elias didn’t like them. Then I thought about Bianca, and as soon as I told Ilias about it, he said: “That’s it, we found it!” Before we know, we wanted her to be born first to see her because you can come up with a name and it doesn’t fit the baby. Bianca means White, and when she was born, she was indeed blonde with alabaster white skin.blue eyes, and it really suited her”added Vicki Kaya.

Most recently, Vicky Kaya opened up about her family and the 4 kids she includes on Alpha’s Super Katerina show. “I have two children and two potential ones (from the previous marriage of Ilias Krassas). I never recognize children. When you love a person, you love him for everything not half. When a man enters your life with two children, first the children and then him. This is part of him, this is his life. At first it was difficult, because I suddenly found myself with two children. I didn’t know where to go»Vicki Kaya admitted with a laugh.

“Ilyas is a great father. One of the things that won me over and I liked about him is how much he loves his children.” she replaced her husband, presenter and former model.

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