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Nikos Kouris: “Heartbeat” in his marriage and the talent needed for a relationship

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“No one ever expects success, they hope for it”noted Nikos Kouris about the audience’s reaction to the series Star IQ 160, and then mentioned his similarities with the hero he plays, police officer Argyris Kalatsis. “I am also very absolute, I don’t know how to put the mind above the emotion, I don’t really distinguish between the two, I believe that the person is the whole. Argyris is a man protected by rationalization, and so am I.»— explained the actor.

As for the women’s comments about the role of the charming Argyris Kalatsis and therefore about himself, Nikos Kouris clarified that he does not know them because he has not followed these comments throughout his career.

“I don’t follow the comments of women. Along the way, I learned not to be influenced by these things. I recognized it. Whoever you ask will tell you truthfully that these last 20 seconds. So this thing can’t define your life. It can’t be done. There can’t be a person talking to me and bothering me, unless he’s annoying. It makes me very happy, and that’s what I got from the game, this direct contact with the world.”– said Nikos Kouris, who was tested as a game show host. Look and find on the ERT.

“The game showed me how happy it is to see you. I did not know it”explained the actor, who added that he would like to try his hand at other TV projects. He has the same need for experiments for the theater, in which he would like to test himself even in the form in which he spoke. “Inspection is a sensational genre. If done well, it can please me 100 times more than a tragedy.”he decided.

Nikos Kouris then mentioned, among other things, his relationship with his wife Elena Topalidou. Nikos Kouris and Elena Topalidou have been together for 18 years and became the parents of Petros together. At times, the two artists have referred to their relationship and the heartbeat they can keep in it over the years. This “heartbeat” is probably the only “secret” to this successful partnership. And this is what Nikos Kouris mentioned again in his interview for the Star morning show.

“For the heartbeat in marriage after years to be effortless, this requires manner and talent,” said Nikos Kuris. “I’m not saying that I have talent. I say what I did to rock the habit all the time. That I am not bored with myself and that the other person is not bored. That I’m not bored, that’s the main thing”, the actor explained. And I hope you have already taken notes.

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