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These tips will help you find your signature scent.

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In any case, of course Finding your signature perfume that reflects your personality and that you want to be remembered for is not an easy task. It requires time and knowledge of some valuable advice which will help you find the most ideal ones, which you can alternate depending on the season (for example, wear one in winter and another in summer).

5 tips to find your signature scent

Train your nose

With countless options in the beauty world, it’s good to know before you start looking for your signature perfume. various aromatic families. Do you like it more floral, fruity, spicy (spicier and “hotter”), woody, or those that have a hint of freshness?

Think about his style

If you think about it, our fragrance reflects who we are. like our clothes. In the end, both are purely personal matters and choices. Do you like a more romantic style (like airy dresses, etc.)? A floral or fresh scent (or a combination of the two) might work better for you. If your look is more dynamic or austere, try woody or spicy essences first. Of course, different combinations can also be a pleasant surprise.

Don’t try too many perfumes at the same time

Don’t wait to find your signature scent by sniffing all the options available in the store. Many smells will not only make you dizzy, but can also make the process difficult, as is the case with so many layers, at the end you won’t be able to distinguish the fragrance on your skin. For this reason, it is recommended to limit the number of flavors you will try (for example, to 5 at a time).

Additional tip: Between each spray of the next fragrance, try to clear your “olfactory palate” by inhaling some coffee. More precisely, coffee beans restore the smell very quickly, preventing a headache from a variety of smells.

It takes time

Perfumes are made up of three different notes: top notes, heart notes (or middle notes), base notes. The top notes are what is felt immediately after the first spray, the heart and base notes are perceived later, when the essence is “released” on the skin. So, as you understand, such a process, takes time (several hours) to see how it “sits” and how long the specific smell lasts on your skin. So don’t discount or admire a scent if you haven’t given it time first.

Don’t be influenced by third parties

You might be crazy about how your best friend’s perfume smells on her skin, but no offense, chances are it won’t smell the same on you. And that’s because Everyone’s skin pH is different.. So if you want to find your signature scent, focus on yourself and how the essence smells on your skin.

Source: Lady Like

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