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Talia Matica: she went blonde and became unrecognizable

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The actress decided to open her house Jeni Theone and the show “Mom – look” which is shown every Saturday on ERT1 and conveys stories about the journey of motherhood that fascinate, touch and inspire, and among other things, she was surprised by the new hair color. Leaving in the past its signature “warm” brown shade, Thalia Matika decided to go for a lighter, chestnut, caramel color, which matched her skin tone very well.

In the house of Thalia and Thassos. Peace, security, stability. Thalia is absolutely calm, firm and confident in both where she is and where she is going. I think that the entire universe is governed by two inseparable principles. We make plans together, and whatever happens, we will face it together. Emotions, a lot of emotions, but also logic and sobriety. It was so nice to hear the heartbeat of the family. Without a doubt, Thalia, Thassos, children and the cat are family, and they are better off together! (Both in the theater and in Zoya). But what can she say, how did they overcome the big storms? Thanks Thalia! can’t wait for the fourth quarterJeny Theona commented under a photo she uploaded to her personal Instagram account after filming the episode, which will air this Saturday.

And as you understand, these photos and more specifically “unrecognizable” blonde Thalia Matica, they did not go unnoticed by her fans, who were quick to comment on the big changes to her hairstyle. See her new hair color below.


Check out this post on Instagram.

This post was shared by Thalia Matika (@thaliamatika)

Waist Matic with a new hair color

Check out this post on Instagram.

This post was shared by Jenny Theona (@jennytheona)

What do you think of blonde Thalia Matika?

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