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Rihanna just made toe rings the #1 summer trend. 4 to choose from

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Until I saw her Rihanna. Give your beloved RiRi the opportunity to make you fall in love with fashion, even trends or clothes and accessories that you don’t like at all. Toe rings, for example, were never something I thought I could or wanted to maintain, but Rihanna makes me see things differently.

The day before the Met Gala, Rihanna appeared in New York in one of them. total fur look, inspired by the aesthetics of Chanel. He also wore a ring on his toe, which was distinctive extra touch which was necessary to make her ensemble even more iconic.

A few weeks after this appearance, Rihanna posted on her personal account on tik tak, a video of her showing off her legs and the ring she wore that day. Of course, this ring was no ordinary piece of jewelry, and since then, even those of us who are not fans of toe rings want to wear them. You see, that’s how trendsetters work.

Rihanna diamond toe ring

This week, Rihanna once again proved that she approaches fashion with humor first and foremost. On her TikTok account, she uploaded a video showing off her legs from the look, where she wore a white Coperni fur mini dress with a black fur bolero on top. An amazing image was accompanied by spectacular fur. Chanel vintage hat and glasses from the same house.

Check out this post on Instagram.

This post was posted by badgalriri (@badgalriri)

She completed the ensemble with diamond earrings, black sandals and “secret” toe ring. Of course, this is not a simple, everyday ring, but pear-shaped diamond (pear-shaped), as we imagine, many carats.

In the video, we get a better look at the beautiful jewelry, on which Rihanna wrote a playful caption “quiet luxury”.

@rihanna quiet luxury ♬ original sound – Rihanna

He was clearly joking. there is no such thing as “quiet” not entirely, not in the ring. And, of course, if you know anything about Rihanna’s style, then you know that this trend does not match her personal style in any way.

In any case, what we have hidden from her image is a surprise accessory, namely rings on her toes. I feel like after this video more and more fashionistas will wear rings on their toes, even if they don’t cost a few thousand dollars like Rihanna’s. But what makes this accessory more interesting is the choice of jewelry, since this is not an ordinary toe ring, it can be worn on the fingers as well.

With that in mind, I have selected below a few toe rings (or regular rings you can narrow down) that they break away from the classic bands and they are more like hand rings. So you too can see the rings on your toes with a different eye.

Victoria ring

Handmade silver ring

Ring set

Source: Lady Like

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