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Christina Bomba with white roots. Redemption Time (no reward)

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The point is, if you want to dye your hair, do it for yourself, not because you have to. And if you need an incentive to start thinking differently, there are so many celebrities who have let their hair go gray naturally. Either more or less. For example, we will mention Andie MacDowell, Queen Letizia, Sarah Jessica Parker, but also our own celebrities like Rhea Totunzi.

Please applaud someone else for being brave in something.“, Sarah Jessica Parker has opened up about being called “bold” because of her decision to be nice to her gray hair. It’s just hair, nothing more to comment on here. Another recent example Christina Bomba. Recently, a well-known influencer and entrepreneur shared a snapshot of her beauty routine on Instagram. In it, she shows the preparation of a quick make-up. Her brown hair is pulled back and gray hair is visible in it. She accompanied the signature with a jocular inscription: “I need to color the root. I know“.

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Christina Bomba’s followers noticed this and rushed to deify her (and they did it well). Reviews were more than positive: “Now at the root I loved you, you are real“”Love! Well done for not chewing to get out by the roots! No, good for you!‘, wrote some of them.

Bravo to Cristina Bomba for getting out and to all the women who are doing or thinking about doing it. But there came a time when the dispensation of gray hair brought no reward. It’s just hair.

Source: Lady Like

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