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Eleni Foureira: she poses topless 3 months after becoming a mother

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These 3 months, as well as those that preceded her since the pregnancy was confirmed, Eleni Foureira keeps in touch with her audience through social networks. It was in them that she sent a new message to her fans shortly before the start of her eponymous tour. Reborn.

posing toplessWearing a denim jumpsuit, hat and loose long hair, Eleni Foureira shared her excitement about her return to the stage with her audience eager to kick off her tour.

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“I can’t wait for Saturday. You are ready;”she signed her post. The singer announced the first stops of her tour in Greece and abroad a few days ago.

Revived Tour starts at the Katrakeio theater in Nice on Saturday 27 May. and will continue to Mykonos, Thessaloniki, Patras, Madrid, Rhodes, Barcelona, ​​Crete, Larisa and Ioannina, with the last station announced next November in Amsterdam.

Eleni Foureira loves her job and it shows in every one of her posts lately that betrays her impatience to be close to her audience again. She herself, as she told in an interview with Vogue, decided to maintain a balance between personal and professional life.

It was a time of great introspection for me. I turned to myself and said, “Look and you will see. You cannot live by your work alone. You can’t look for happiness in one thing.” So I started to balance my life outside of work, which remains my big capsule, but I realized that I need to give energy to my personal life. Somewhere there, I felt the need to create my own family more strongly. And in the midst of all these thoughts, this child appeared“, – admitted the singer.

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