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6 celebrities who told how long they abstained from sex

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Celebrities often talk about their sex lives. Sometimes they talk about the lack of sex in their lives. The faces you will see on this list showed how long they abstained from sex. Some of you will think that they overdid it, and others will think that they probably do not know what “abstinence” is.


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Pink spoke to the British Guardian newspaper about her sex life with husband Carey Hart. “You go through several periods where you may not have sex for a year”— said the singer about his married life.

Eva Longoria

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When she was engaged to basketball player Tony Parker, Eva Longoria went through a period of abstinence from sex so as not to distract him from his sports. “Fortunately, we will get married after the playoffs and then consummate our marriage.” he told Jimmy Kimmel.

Lenny Kravitz

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Lenny Kravitz told Maxim magazine in 2008 that he didn’t have sex for 3 years, for he set himself the task of finding a suitable woman for him.

Matthew McConaughey

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40 days of abstinence Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves had sex when their daughter Vida was born.

Sharon Stone

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A beautiful metaphor was used by Sharon Stone to describe the fluctuations her sex life goes through. “Life and love are like the ocean. Sometimes the tide comes in, sometimes it goes out and others as low as the Mojave Desert. Fortunately, I love the desert. I am a desert flowershe told the Huffington Post, without specifying how long her personal life seemed like a desert.

David Arquette

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In the final weeks of his marriage to Courteney Cox, David Arquette revealed to The Howard Stern Show that he had sex with his wife. 4 months.

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