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5 hairstyle ideas from the Spring/Summer 2023 collections

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The hairstyles we saw in the Spring/Summer 2023 collections were mostly light and flexible. That is why in most images of collections low buns and low ponytails prevailed. However, they did not disappear. hair accessories which always give a special result. Below are 5 hairstyles you can try.

5 hairstyle ideas from the Spring/Summer 2023 collections

In a wet low bun

Jonathan Shimkhai’s Spring/Summer 2023 collection featured a cool version of the low bun, among other things. IN wet texture and with hair having easier movement. Everything you need for summer wedding hairstyles (and more).

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In a sleek bun with hair accessories

Nothing compares to the understated elegance that smooth bun. The detail that will make the difference is a hair accessory that you can “embellish” her with. As in the hairstyle below, from the SS23 collection by Cos.

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In a low ponytail with a scarf or turban

If you decide to keep your hair long, you can catch it in one go. low tail and add a scarf like in the Giambatista Valli hairstyle below.

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In a low, sleek ponytail (you only need an elastic band)

This low smooth tail seen in the Saint Laurent Spring/Summer 2023 collection is perfect for medium length hair and even long frames. Keep it minimal by just using a rubber band.

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In double braids with impressive hair accessories

Spring/Summer 2023 designer Sandy Liang unveiled this fantastic braided hairstyle. A modern version little Laura from Meadow House with smooth partings and curled pigtails. Flowers are needed.

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