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These boots were inspired by the most surreal children’s series ever.

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Apparently, the Teletubbies have also inspired fashion designers. Christian Cowan “lead” with the most surreal boots On the market.

Stylish Christian Cowan boots

A bit of Y2K style obsession, a bit of a camp style upsurge (mainly due to drag art) and of course the mentioned kids line, and that was enough for Christian Cowan to release the most hiking boots right now. . A young English designer and stylist (and partner of Sam Smith) said to be bold and experiment with fashionthanks to a very interesting collaboration. Therefore, he was inspired by one of the 4 characters in the children’s series, Dipsyand designed a pair of boots.

Aside from Dipsy, these boots are inspired by major 2000 fashion codes. That’s why they have a pointed toe and a thin high heel, like most boots from the 2000s. But what sets them apart is the rest of their design and, of course, their color. Boots have one light green color, and Dipsy’s head and hands are shown on the front. In fact, the designer created his own version of the character in boots, with shoes to play the role of Dipsy’s body.

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However, looking at these boots, a few questions arise. The “why” dominates, but once we get past the first stage of “what do my eyes see?”, the person will be able to see with a clearer mind, funny side of things. Yes, these boots are kitsch. Yes, they are different and strange, and something that could fit the costumes from the (very surreal) movie. And, of course, there are shoes it’s not a necessity and which few will wear.

But on the other hand, the child in me (maybe the non-standard side of me) sees something that draws me to these “ugly boots”. To be a clear, ironic element? That they broadcast something positive and entertaining? Something about all this makes me forgive this otherwise “stylistic oversight”.

I can also admit that this is part of a very special collection, like Christian Cowan for his work with the Teletubbies, released a capsule collection which, in addition to shoes, also includes dresses in the style of the 60s with square belly cutouts, denim jackets and t-shirts with favorite characters, etc.

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Collaborations like this may not make much sense in our eyes, but in fact they remind us of the importance of not taking fashion too seriously. Fashion is fun, it’s a game, it’s a camp, and Christian Cowan’s boots prove it.

These boots…


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