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Branded blondes: how to freshen up your blond hair for the summer. Do it like we do

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We definitely agree with Mariella that blonde hair is never boring. He is lively, optimistic, youthful, feminine and chic. He is identified with the dynamic idols of all time. And it definitely won’t go unnoticed.

Blond hair and a unique upgrade experience

Thursday, 10:00, Wella Studio. Mariella and I make an appointment with the Wella educators to freshen up our blonde hair color. We are ready to put ourselves in the hands of Wella’s experienced educators and experiment with new blonde options that match and emphasize individuality. our skin and eye color.

This is exactly what the color palette is aimed at. Branded blondes from Wella Professionals for this season. To create a bright explosion in blondes! Rich and vibrant, contemporary blondes range from creamy pearls, a slight contrast of pearl tones with a warm amber hue, and nude cashmere with subtle undertones, to vibrant desert blonde, reminiscent of sunset colors, perfect for a more balanced look.

With her help Anastasia Kostopoulos and Michalis Peppaseach of us gets the perfect blonde, which becomes her hallmark!

Blond hair: Patia’s “Bamboo Blonde” look.

Anastasia offered me the “Bamboo Blonde” look! Combination of natural brown and bright blonde with hints of sand, honey and sunset. With this particular multi-color color combination, the goal was to give light to certain spots and thus the movement and texture of curly hair. Mission Complete! Now I’m one step closer to a trip to my favorite islands of the Cyclades… Summer is finally here!

In my case, Anastasia combined coloring at the roots and highlighting along the length and ends, and explained to me that the bleaching balayage technique she chose is ideal for curly hair. We start by applying Blondorplex and Koleston Perfect ME+ to the roots and continue with Shinefinity to the lengths and ends.

Wella's signature blondes

For the reopening method, instead of the classic aluminum foil, he used an innovative tool that uses temperature and helps more with reopening. I even noticed that she started balayazh at the roots to make a smooth transition of color from the roots to the length. In anticipation of a reopening, in order to protect the hair, he applied the Wellaplex 9-ton treatment, which reconnects the hair’s bonds and repairs it.

In the next step, with Glazegave shine and color to intermediate sections – lengths and ends – that did not fall into the foil.

Wella's signature blondes

Wella's signature blondes

The result was complemented by the Root Shadow technique to create a feathered effect at the roots, and Glaze Shinefinity in another shade to achieve a harmonious color combination between tips and roots.

Wella's signature blondes

Wella's signature blondes

What struck me in the process emphasis on detail and precision. It was as if someone had done the most beautiful embroidery on my hair, since each curl had the entire color palette that I described above.

The perfect day for me is…

When a bright blonde blends harmoniously with my lively and well-shaped curls. To treat them, Anastasia washed me with a special tool to preserve color. Color Shampoo, and for styling, she taught me the perfect trick, which I now do myself at home. Apply foam to the brush Nutricurls Boosts Rebound And Cream-balm Nutricurls Curlixirand distributed them together through my hair.

Wella's signature blondes

Wella's signature blondes

Wella's signature blondes

Blonde Hair: Mariella Vanilla Blonde

Michalis Peppa’s suggestion for my hair was “Vanilla Blonde”, pure, sweet and vibrant blonde, away from “yellowing” and “platinum” parts. The technique used by Wella’s experienced educator is called No Bleach Blonde.

Michalis first asked me what result I would like to achieve, and I confess that I really appreciated that he was willing to listen to me before the brushes appeared. We completely agreed on the shade, and the process began with the best of omens.

The path to my perfect blonde consisted of 4 steps. Michalis made sure to protect my scalp (to avoid burning and redness) with the right product before applying Koleston Perfect Special Blondes and Wellaplex to the roots to lighten the color.

For a 100% homogeneous blonde, you need to take care not only of the root, but also of the length of the hair, so here we measure 2 separate steps. Michalis continued with a 5-minute express toning with Blondorplex tonic for roots, lengths and ends.

The result exceeded my expectations. “Vanilla Blonde” is a blonde that I never had because I wanted to avoid highlights. And yet this shade of blonde can only be achieved with dye, thanks to Koleston Perfect Special Blondes!

Of course, everything was done with impeccable style. I wanted loose waves, and Sebastian’s products, from Penetrate Serum and Dark Oil to No Breaker and Volume Up Spray!, delivered the perfect result, protecting my sensitive hair from heat. Plus, they smelled great!

And this photo is proof of that!

Good hair day for me means…

When the color of my hair is in the right tones and the result looks 100% shiny, which means healthy. Hair coloring is a ritual. The products used must be quality, because a lot depends on it, both for the health of my hair and for my self-confidence. So the day I got my signature Wella Vanilla Blonde shade, everything was great.

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