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Freckles: how to properly hide them with makeup

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The main thing in any case, in addition to choosing the right cosmetics allies in makeup, is to follow certain actions that, in addition to covering up freckles on the face, will ensure an even tone.

5 steps on how to properly hide blemishes with makeup

– Prepare the skin with a primer.

Right after applying sunscreen (the last step of skin care), the first step in achieving flawless makeup is applying primer. Choosing the right primer can help create an even base for your makeup to stay on throughout the day. Ideally, look for a primer with skin-care ingredients like niacinamide, which instantly brightens dull skin.

-Say yes to the color corrector

After the primer, there comes a time when you need to determine the points where you want to adjust your skin tone. Color correctors – color correcting concealers – have precisely this goal: to neutralize color, creating a uniform canvas on the face. Depending on the needs of your skin, choose the color corrector shade that suits you. They act directly and purposefully, without leaving behind a bright unnatural shade. For moderate to severe discoloration and blemishes, pink, orange, and peach color concealers conceal dark spots, hyperpigmentation, and brown acne scars.

-Put on the foundation

Next step in your makeup routine? The basis. Choose a product with adjustable coverage that will ensure an even skin tone. This way you can “build” how light or thick the coverage will be on your face and freckles. In this case, it is important to choose the right foundation shade that matches your natural skin tone and desired texture.

– Concealer time

For added coverage and a lighter makeup look, apply concealer immediately after foundation to the areas where you feel it needs it most. Apply it with a beauty blender or your fingers for a second-skin effect.

-Secure with setting spray.

Once you’ve set your makeup base evenly, it’s time to “set” it with a spritz of setting spray. Ready!

Source: Lady Like

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