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Burberry: Drop-waisted trench coats and surprising colors in a collection that envisions the future of the house

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However, the fashion industry tends to forget what has been said by people in the industry (who may forget the wretchedness of Dolce & Gabbana’s repeated racist comments despite not being “affected” by anything). Cancel culture does not exist in this space. and that certainly didn’t stop Daniel Lee from continuing his dominance. So his reign at Burberry couldn’t have been more successful. and many have already celebrated his short stint with the English label.from his first collection (with which I disagree).

However, as the English say, “give credit where credit is due”, which in Hellenistic language means “let’s also tell the wrong person the truth”. So it’s fair to say that Lee’s second collection for Burberry, the spring 2024 collection he presented as part of London Fashion Weekit was definitely interesting and he takes the house in a direction that suits him and that honors his heritage.

Burberry’s spring 2024 collection changes the house’s basic codes.

What made Daniel Lee successful at Bottega Veneta was that he redefined the Italian brand’s codes and highlighted them through its greatest strengths. What were these things? accessory. Lee is a “mom” in that regard, and he proved it with her. Burberry spring 2024 collection. Something like that, “teased” the most iconic piece the house is known fortrench coat, and the result was the following: cloak (which somehow reminded me of a dress), with a low center line, with a belt, that is, falling below the waist – an element that we saw in other clothes from the Burberry collection.

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It takes a lot of courage to ruin such an iconic outfit. which brought the house millions in profits, but if anyone can – dare I say – do it right, it’s Daniel Lee. What’s important here is that she paired the trench coat with the right accessories: a boho bag with a new signature print and mules.

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Then it’s time to breathe new life into a classic. Introducing a new print, a pattern with chains. (a very smart move on his part, as it will make the collection’s clothes immediately recognizable), he placed it on dresses, skirts, shirts and bags, which, however, were in the colors white and black, so it timelessness on the other side modern twist who offered them.

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Raising collars on raincoats and jacketsintroducing new, more dynamic silhouettes through asymmetrical cuts in dresses and skirts and experimenting with materials such as wool and lacecombined old house codes with new, fresh and more modern ones.

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But what made Burberry’s spring 2024 collection stand out was… “unexpected” color bombardment, something the house has not been used to lately. Lee gave us a look at his fall 2023 collection. its new color is cobalt blue.registering it as the brand’s signature color.

Now she is exploring other possibilities for the home: rich corals, vibrant reds, purples, metallics, and florals (seen in wonderful knits) that lead the home to a better and brighter future.

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embossed floral trousers And “soft” leather shorts and motorcycle jacketsthey fit perfectly with most feminine lingerie dresses, as well as ruffled and one-shoulder dresses that redefine the style of the Burberry woman.

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All this while shiny, oversized bags And split high heel sandals they successfully complemented the images of the collection, which was not devoid of It accessories.

Offering a kind of practicality through a modern and more maximalist approach, turning a blind eye to English fashion, Daniel Lee is making it big and (tentatively) preparing for the next generation of Burberry.

Source: Lady Like

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