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Vicky Stavropoulou – Maria Cavoianni: Joint holiday in Italy

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Vicky Stavropoulou and Maria Kavoyanni are good friends, and this is not the first time they have vacationed together. This time two good friends met in Bergamo, Italy. and shared a photo of them hugging and happy together.

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Posted by Vicky Stavropoulou (@vickystavropoulouofficial)

“Collections of nectar and beautiful moments from our travels”, Vicky Stavropoulou wrote, wishing her online friends a good week by posting the photo above. Both actors love to travel to beautiful places in Greece and abroad. In the summer of 2022, they traveled abroad together again, this time to the UK.

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Posted by Vicky Stavropoulou (@vickystavropoulouofficial)

Earlier, Danai Barka shared photos from a joint vacation that the actors took with their daughters. Vicky Stavropoulou, Danai Barca, Maria Cavoianni and her daughter Andella hugged tightly against a summer backdrop.

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The publication was published by the user ᴅᴀɴᴀɪ ʙᴀʀᴋᴀ ???????? (@danai_barka)

“If love were an image, in my life it would undoubtedly be exactly like this. With two mothers and one sister”“,” Danae Barka wrote then, revealing the strong ties that connect her family with the family of Maria Kavoyannis.

I always make my friends worry. Because I’m not focused. As a mother, I tried and am trying to be a good mother. I’ve made too many mistakes. I instinctively raised my daughter, my Adelaki. By chance you grew up, my Danae, because I, too, in my dreams, forgot about my daughter.”Maria Cavoianni confessed in the show “Pame Danai and Danai Barca”.

“At some point it would be ideal to pick a nice place with our friends and stay close to each other.”– she added in the same interview about one of her dreams for the future and the ultimate #friendshipgoal for all of us.

She and Vicky Stavropoulou often share their lives and moments on Instagram. A typical example is the photo below, in which two women stated that “This is what will happen when they grow up”.

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Post published by Maria Kavogianni (@maria_kavogianni_official)

And this is “when” they will say, no matter how much they actually grow, I daresay. Because there are always two children inside them. Two friends who collect the nectar of life through laughter and travel.

Source: Lady Like

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