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Erietta Kurkulu – Latsis: her rage over the remark addressed to the “second mother”

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Her “second mother” is Norma, a woman who works for Erietta Kourkoulos-Latsi’s family, helping raise her and later her son Nikos. Norma accompanied Erietta Kourkoulos-Latsis, her husband Byron Vasiliades and Nikos to a gallery in Mykonos.where an incident occurred that led to the animal rights activist publicly criticizing herself through her personal Instagram account.

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Posted by Erietta Kurkoulatsi (@eriettakourkoulatsi)

“Unfortunately for you, you are always correcting your behavior. depending on who you have against you – or he has zeros in the bank» he wrote it as another preface to what was to follow.

“Yesterday I was at a famous gallery in Mykonos, where my mother is a regular customer. I went inside with Nikos Byron and Norma, who were delighted to see the huge sculpture of Donald and touched him gently to make our little one laugh. At that moment, one of the two owners, who is usually very polite, rushed towards her. he snapped his fingers twice, as if addressing the dog, and shouted to it in a very rude tone: “Don’t touch!”»Erietta Kurkula – then described by Latsis.

“A few seconds later she noticed with horror that I was standing right behind her with Niko. He immediately apologized, saying that he did not understand me.”– noted Erietta Kurkulu-Latsis, talking about this change in behavior that she noticed in front of Norma and herself.

I replied that he was insulting the woman who is my second mother and now the grandmother of my child. and that we have nothing more to say. He then sent my mother an apologetic message, telling her that all he cared about was ‘my happiness’ (as if we had known each other since yesterday).”– he noted then.

“He is not the first and he will not be the last to change his face like this, but I want to publicly promise that he and everyone after him will find me before him and point out to him that he is not worthy of a single hair of this woman, without whom I would be completely lost! Learn to be human because your racism and style no longer fits our world! I hated you”Erietta Kurkulu,” Latsis concluded in her post.

Her post was filled with encouraging comments about her outburst. “You are the light in this pitch darkness” Dorothea Mercuri wrote to her. “Bring pain to existing hypocrisy” noted Vassilis Zulias, and Mary Sinatsakis, Dukissa Nomikou, Tamta, Katerina Kainurgiu, Tonya Sotiropoulou and others added hearts, thanks and applause with the corresponding emoticons.

This isn’t the first time she’s called Norma her “second mother.” Erietta Kourkoulos Latsis has spoken again in the past about a woman from the Philippines who worked for her family before she was born.

Norma worked with my family before I was born and later raised me. Norma is also my mother in every sense of the word. He held my hand at night when I couldn’t sleep, scolded me when I lost consciousness, and loved me selflessly. I am incredibly lucky that she is still with me in every beautiful and difficult moment of my life.

Norm is the reason I became the person I am today. My love and admiration for this woman, who lived away from her family for so many years to support them financially, and continues to live because now she also feels like her child, is indescribable.”– she wrote in a previous post.

Erietta Kourkoulos-Latsis then referred to the racism that comes with using the word “Filipino” as a quality used, as she wrote, by “the good society.”

It infuriates me when people in the so-called “high society” use the word “Filipino” as if “Filipino” describes some mass quality of all people of this background. This treatment is racist and does not reflect the strength of these people who come to our country and sacrifice everything to feed their families…

Their own strength is a strength that people who use these labels will never gain because they tend to feel superior when in reality they are confused little people without consciousness or dignity.”he explained.

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