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Yulika Skafidas: revealed the gender of her child

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“Although in the family we are just women. the boy is coming now. Here! I was also a child, when my sister’s three nieces came, I couldn’t get into the process of thinking about pregnancy.”– said Yulika Skafida, revealing the gender of the unborn child.

Previously, the actress explained her decision to announce her pregnancy, which “surprised” the presenter, as well as the actress’s followers on Instagram.

“The truth is that I use social media for some social activities and my work. This was an event that started to manifest itself – I’m in my seventh month – and I really wanted to share it. I didn’t tell anyone except a few people: my parents, sisters and nieces. I thought the weather was approaching, early December at best, and didn’t realize it. And one way to become aware of this is to start reporting it.

I thought of saying this in order to listen to “the time has come,” to “painfully” begin to realize it, maybe even to mobilize a little, because I haven’t done anything yet, maybe because I’m a little confused, I’m putting it off a little. I need to start collecting and organizing things. I heard that this “project” needs organization and preparation.”– said Yulika Skafidas.

The actress stated this happy and wants to meet her son. “I have a mother who will come from Kalamata to help me. I won’t be working for a while. I heard that I get seasick and tired, this is normal. I think that later he will grow up and we will play and dance”– said, in particular, Yulika Skafida. “I’m happy and looking forward. Know this, see this”he added.

“Fully aware of the grim reality of recent days, the anger, fear of tomorrow, despair and pain that many of my fellow men are experiencing, I’d like to put the word hope on the table.

A word that overwhelms and fills me as I experience my own beautiful moment. Hope is necessary, along with kindness and optimism, to dream of a world worthy of my own creation.”With these words, the actress announced her pregnancy on Instagram a few days earlier. And this hope seems to color every conversation she has about pregnancy, as you learned from her words on the Eleni show.

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Message published by Yulika Skafida (@youlika.skafida)

“The truth is that this is a decision that it came very, very consciously. Perhaps the arrival of my niece also influenced me. I have a niece from my middle sister who is 2 years old. With the arrival of this baby I was somewhat motivated. If you had asked me 10 years ago, I would have answered: “No, I don’t think so, it’s impossible.”also spoke about her decision to become a mother to Julika Skafidas.

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