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10 hairstyles from Milan street style. Perfect inspiration for your hair

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IN Milan Fashion Week In addition to the runway show, there were many interesting street style looks that we highlighted not only by style, but also by beauty, which is best conveyed in close-up photographs by photographers. Details in makeup and hairstyle came to the fore. We stay in hairstyles, hair accessories, hair image detailsFashionistas choose it to get ideas for their autumn looks.

From Milan with love, which is why the following hairstyles have caught our attention, generously offering #hairinspo for our look.

10 street hairstyles from Milan Fashion Week

Elegant high bun

Have you been invited to a more formal event this fall (wedding, baptism, etc.)? This high, sleek bun is just what you need for the occasion.

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Space buns

Divide your hair into two sections (parting in the middle) and braid them into two tight buns. Bonus tip: Feel free to add any hair accessories to give your hairstyle a more unique effect. Let your imagination run wild!

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Ponytail braid

The easiest (and stylish) way to quickly update your simple ponytail.

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Black onion

The black bow looks like a little black dress. Timeless chic, it can enhance any look. It is no coincidence that this was Coco Chanel’s favorite accessory.

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Wet look

Winter or summer, no matter the occasion, a damp look will always refresh your hair. What do you think;

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Double twisted bun

If a plain bun seems boring to you, all you have to do is try a double-twisted bun.

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Metal hair clips can create a dramatic effect even if you have your hair cut into a short buzz cut or pixie cut.

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Dirty braid

If you like looser hairstyles, try a more relaxed version of the classic braid.

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Hair upright

Curly ends, wet effects, spiked hair and a punk vibe. All in one.

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Ponytail with microbraids

Who says you can’t find street style inspiration for your next gym hairstyle?

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Source: Lady Like

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