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Johannes Huebl, influencer model now designer of shoes made in Italy

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Her idea of ​​style: «High quality clothes and accessories. Strong personality and never yelled ». Simple yet powerful formula for Johannes Huebl, model and creative, social media style icon: profile with one million followers. Thanks to the long frequency of the catwalks, Huebl has built a “customized” image, of which accessories are an essential part Starting with footwear. One of the favorites is a suede and unlined calf leather ankle boot. Model of the historical line Summer by Fratelli Rossetti.

Johannes Huebl with Fratelli Rossetti’s ankle boot

Thanks to a creative collaboration with the brand, the launch of a capsule of the same model “reinterpreted” by Huebl in five colors, already available on e-commerce and in stores in Milan, Brussels and New York. “I’ve always had it in my wardrobe. And every time the time ran out, I had it redone. This project has now enabled me to rethink it in a contemporary way ».

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The summer ankle boots from the Rossetti brothers

Huebl’s picks are very popular: from social media, but also as husband of American actress Olivia Palermo (“I hope to become a father soon,” he says). Couple protagonist of the red carpets. Accomplices in style choices? «We share ideas, but we are autonomous. But united by the love of Italian styleHuebl’s success, beyond the undisputed charm of a Nordic man with a glacial gaze – German descent, born in 1977 – lies in his education and in his attitude.

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Olivia Palermo

Graduated in economics, he pursued a career as a model while studying history, film and photography. “They have helped me a lot in my career. Even facing the catwalks ». Without the deep relationship of brotherhood, a British phrase that identifies brotherhood and expresses the deepest bonds. “The relationship with my two brothers (the younger a neurologist, the older a philosophy teacher in Berlin, ed), it helped me grow Facing the world by observing it from multiple points of view, managing relationships from those on social media to those in person. So I share my point of view in an era fortunate enough to be “fluent”.

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Johannes Hueb

Source: Corriere

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